Bigg Boss 15 8th October 2021 Telly Written Update -

Bigg Boss 15 8th October 2021 Telly Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 8th October 2021 Telly Written Update, Read Online Bigg Boss 15 7th October 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Colors Tv. Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update, While the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants- Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have stayed together for the sake of the game. Despite not agreeing on several issues,From stealing pieces of map to destroying Bigg Boss’ property, Pratik has remained in headlines for his antics.

Bigg Boss 15 8th October 2021 Telly Written Update


Day 7
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song malhari. They all dance. Nishant dances with jungle inmates. Simba dances with Sahil. Vishal tells the camera that today’s song was apt.

9:30 AM
BigG enters the house. Nishant says I have a question from the monkey. BigG leaves. Pratik takes the letter which says that jungle animals can eat you alive.

10 AM
Shamita tells Vishal and Jay that I am alone in the house. I wish they would send Neha there. I don’t like their energies. Jay says soon we will be inside, you can come and sit with us all the time you want.

10:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Donal that we have rotis for the lunch. Donal says we should divide the grocery equally. You can’t use too much flour. Vidhi says we are eating whatever we get. Donal says I can’t give food to everyone about what they want. Tejasswi says you are saying that I am making omelets to waste food? Donal says I am just saying to be mindful of the grocery, you can make something else for the lunch. Tejasswi says what? Tell me the menu. Donal says I don’t have much food left also. Vidhi angrily leaves from there. Donal says why is she getting angry? Tejasswi tells Donal that you are doubting me that I am not being mindful of the food.

11:30 AM
Karan tells Umar that we have to irritate Pratik today. He should get agitated.

The cave opens and Jay goes inside. He brings out the grocery items they got. Karan hides the letter from the cave. Pratik follows him but Karan runs away. Karan asks Umar to handle Pratik. Umar blocks Pratik so he can’t follow Karan. Karan asks Jay to stop him. Umar asks Karan to go, he won’t follow you. Karan closes the jungle place door so Pratik can’t come to him. Karan asks where is the washroom lock? Sahil and Umar grab Pratik but he runs away. Karan gives the letter to Sahil and tells him to hide it from Pratik. Karan takes the letter and reads it. Vishal says Pratik will go crazy.

11:15 AM
Shamita tells Nishant that I can’t play a game if we are not on the same page. Nishant says I didn’t like you giving them the map. Shamita says you people didn’t have my back. You pounced on me, I felt bad when you screamed at me. Nishant says you did without asking me. Shamita says Pratik didn’t ask me too before doing all this.

Tejasswi tells Umar that I would have never given up the map as Shamita did.

Pratik comes to Nishant and Shamita. He tells Shamita that my emotions are mine only. Shamita says you keep irritating us. Stop talking now.

You instigate people without any reason. Pratik says then ignore me, go away. Shamita comes closer and says this is my house too. Pratik says you backbite your team. Shamita says I am not selfish like you. Pratik asks her to move away otherwise I will spit. Shamita says I will spit too.

12:45 PM
Ishaan tells Miesha that I promise I won’t break your heart but don’t break mine also? Please take care of me also. Miesha says I am just scared a little bit. Ishaan says I get hurt easily, I really like you. Miesha says my heart was beating fast last night, there is something from my side also. Ishaan says the same.

1 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that I asked Shamita to cook with me but she left after fighting with you. Pratik says she is petty. Nishant says I asked her to make Rotis but she just ignored it. Pratik says she is making alliances with everyone, that’s why she gave up the map. Nishant says the first person I want out of the house is Shamita only.

1:15 PM
Tejasswi is giving food to Ishaan. Ishaan says put Miesha’s share in my plate also. All tease him. Jay says we don’t have to wash plates so it’s good. Jay teases Miesha about blushing around Ishaan. Vishal says Miesha was crying daily but she has Ishaan now so she is happy.

2:15 PM
Ishaan is lying his head on Miesha’s lap while she is giving him a massage. Shamita tells Vishal that this happens in 7 days? Vishal says the world moves fast now. Miesha tells Ishaan that we are moving fast. Ishaan says this is natural, we connected so it’s fine. Akasa says this is a TV. Shamita says it looks real. Vishal says it’s our personal TV. Miesha laughs. Vidhi says this is a new romance.

2:45 PM
The buzzer plays and the cave opens. Ishaan runs inside while Nishant grabs Umar. Pratik goes into the cave and tries to take the puzzle piece from Umar but Sahil takes it and runs away.

3 PM
Pratik tells Nishant that 13 people are trying to stop me. They are scared of me. Nishant says they are all behind us.

Vishal tells Karan that we will put the puzzles at night time. Karan says we will collect all the pieces and then call Pratik. We will put puzzle pieces in front of him and then ask him to try and stop us.

Pratik goes to the jungle washroom and breaks the lock. The shower is running inside. Nishant asks him to hide the lock. Pratik hides the lock and leaves without opening the door.

Afsana teases Miesha and Ishaan to control their romance as I am missing my partner too. Miesha says we are sitting together to protect the cave. Akasa sits on Afsana’s lap to make her laugh.

Tejasswi tells Jay that Pratik is breaking our washroom lock. Vidhi comes to Karan and says I was taking a shower inside when Pratik broke the lock from outside. I saw Nishant with him too. They were together. Vishal says Pratik is the monkey while Nishant is making him dance. Karan tells the camera that if Pratik can damage the property then we can too. Pratik can’t be above the rules. Don’t make us angry as then I will break everything here. Vidhi tells Pratik that how can you break the lock? How will we use it now? Akasa says it’s the destruction of the property. Pratik says you can do it too.

3:45 PM
Vidhi comes to Pratik and says why would do what you did? I was taking a shower. Pratik says I don’t know. Vidhi says why would you do it when someone is inside taking a shower? Nishant says he didn’t open the door. Pratik says if you want to allege me then do it. Vidhi says what you did was wrong. Pratik says I will keep it in mind. Vidhi says I am not putting an allegation but it’s not the right thing to do. It’s not about the girl or a boy. Pratik says I am sorry, what else should I do? Vidhi says just shut up.
Shamita asks Jay why don’t you people start using our washrooms when Pratik is not following the rules? Jay says then we will be scolded.
Vidhi tells Pratik that how can you break the door when I am inside? Akasa tells Pratik that it’s wrong. Pratik shouts I had no bad intentions. Vidhi says you are wrong here. Pratik says the audience is watching.
Karan, Sahil, Vishal come to the bedroom. They start taking mattresses from there. Pratik says the audience is watching everything. Vidhi says it’s not the right thing to do. Vishal says Vidhi is not saying you had a bad intention but it’s wrong. Pratik says I was not opening the door, I just broke the lock. Tejasswi says Pratik the door could have opened by mistake. Pratik says you can’t allege my character like this. Vidhi says I told you that it’s not the right thing to do. Pratik says I said sorry. Karan brings mattresses to the jungle side. Afsana says I don’t need it. Karan says you are not with us? We do everything together. Afsana says I don’t want it. Karan says fine.

Nishant asks Donal do you think they are doing the right thing? Donal says a girl was taking a shower inside so it’s wrong. Pratik says I had to be quick to break the lock.

4 PM
Vishal tells Nishant that a girl is taking a shower and you break the lock so it’s not wrong for you? Nishant says I don’t know. Vidhi says you are running away, you don’t know now? Nishant leaves. Pratik tells Nishant that I didn’t break the lock, I just unhinged it. If they want to blame me then they can, I don’t care as the audience is watching.
Tejasswi tells Vidhi that Pratik is saying he warned you that he would break the lock. Vidhi says I wouldn’t think he would break it when I am inside.
Karan tells Afsana that you want to be against your team? You are being a scardy cat. Afsana says I didn’t know you were planning all this, you don’t inform me anything. Karan says Pratik was breaking a lock and you people didn’t see that too? You don’t want to be part of the team so it’s fine? Afsana says you don’t tell me the gameplan ever.
Pratik tells Vishal that if I am wrong then I will say sorry in front of everyone. Vishal says if your sister is taking a shower inside and I break the lock then you will be fine? Pratik says I didn’t have bad intentions. Umar tells Pratik that this is a delicate issue, don’t go there. Pratik says it’s about intentions. Akasa tells Pratik that you could have waited till she was out of the shower. You were wrong. Pratik says it’s your thinking. Akasa says f*ck off then.

4:45 PM
Karan asks Nishant if he knew Vidhi was inside then how could he allow Pratik to break the lock? Vishal says I asked him if it was his sister inside then he would allow me to do it? He said he would be fine. Pratik says I didn’t think about anyone, I didn’t have time so I had to break it before anyone could stop me. I didn’t care who was inside. Karan says you don’t care a girl is taking a shower inside? Vidhi didn’t know what were you doing. Pratik says I was just thinking about the game. Pratik says don’t put allegations on me, I am doing all this for the game. Karan says if you don’t know how to treat a woman then f*uk you. Pratik tells Nishant that their egos are hurt because I broke the lock and they couldn’t stop me. Vidhi says he will go to any level for the game? Nishant says he didn’t touch the door, he just took the lock? Shamita tells Nishant that Pratik was wrong. Nishant says your opinion doesn’t matter. Shamita says I always have an opinion. Nishant says I saw Pratik and he didn’t touch the door. Shamita says but it’s still wrong, he could have waited till Vidhi was out of the shower. Pratik says the door was still closed. Vidhi says but I didn’t feel safe. Tejasswi asks Pratik to apologize. Shamita tells Karan that Nishant is still backing Pratik. Pratik tells sorry to Vidhi and says are you fine now? Vidhi says don’t favor me by apologizing.

5:15 PM
Karan tells Nishant that I used you to get in the house. Nishant says so I should be fine with that? Karan says I am doing all this to come in the house and play with you. Karan tells Nishant that I don’t care about the washroom lock and I know Pratik didn’t have bad intentions but breaking a lock when a girl is taking a shower is wrong. I just used the chance you people gave me against you only. Nishant says you are challenging me. Karan says I won’t challenge you, I am with you as you will give me food. Nishant says just don’t interfere when I am fighting with Shamita. Karan says I will never.

5:30 PM
Afsana tells Karan that I was not fooled by Nishant. Karan says you don’t know but you were used by Nishant. Afsana says You have hurt me.
Nishant tells Pratik that Karan told me he used this chance of the washroom lock issue against us because we gave him the chance. Pratik says Karan is playing a strong mind game. Nishant says Karan will never cross me, he is my good friend. Pratik says you can trust him but I don’t. Nishant says I know he won’t f*ck you and me over. He doesn’t care about Shamita but he is our friend. Pratik says I don’t trust Karan anymore.
Afsana cries and tells Karan that you have alleged me to be against the team. Karan says I am sorry. I won’t allege you.

6 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that Jay will wait for Salman’s reaction on the weekend. What about our sister Shamita? It will be ‘welcome home didi’ by Salman. They both joke about Shamita’s gluten-free food.

7 PM
Tejasswi takes the instruction letter for the task and plays a game with the inmates. They have to guess what’s in the letter. All try to guess it. Tejasswi reads that it’s time to choose a captain through a task. The captain can be chosen from the house only so it’s Shamita, Pratik and Nishant. The jungle inmates will play an important role. A hungry wolf is in the jungle. The jungle inmates will sacrifice Shamita, Nishant and Pratik’s chicken to the wolf. The three housemates will have 2 chickens each. The inmate whose’s chicken is left at the end of the task will become the captain. Only jungle people will decide whose chicken would be sacrificed and whose chicken would be saved. Pratik, Shamita and Nishant will try to convince the jungle people to make him/her the captain.

7:30 PM
Pratik takes his chicken away from the jungle inmates. Umar says he can take it. Karan reads the task and says he can’t take it.

Akasa tells Pratik that I was trying to talk to you but you told me to go off. Pratik says the cameras are watching it. Umar comes there and asks Pratik to give up the chicken. Ishaan takes the chicken from Pratik and runs away.

Shamita tells Jay that if I become the captain then I would be fair. Jay says what if you are biased towards your team? Shamita laughs.
Akasa tells Pratik to not ignore her when she is trying to talk to him.

Nishant tells Jay that I have worked hard in the house. I do duties also so I would be a better captain.

8:45 PM
Vishal talks to his team. He says Pratik is out of the competition, Shamita is on our side, Nishant is in our favor also. Jay says but Nishant will always play a game. Vishal says so we all agree on Shamita’s name? They all agree.

Pratik tells Nishant that we can throw away Shamita’s chicken. Nishant says we are not allowed to do that, don’t do it. They can make Shamita the captain so they will see her real face.

9:15 PM
The wolf sound plays. Vishal takes Pratik’s chicken and gives it to the wolf.

Nishant asks Karan why have they chosen Shamita? Karan says everyone thinks you support Pratik in everything, they are all against Pratik so they can’t choose you so Shamita is an attractive option. Nishant says I don’t think she deserves to be a captain, I can be a better captain for the house. Karan says Jay, I and Vishal can vote for you but the other 9 people need to be convinced. You can talk to them and try to convince them. Nishant calls Donal.

Vishal tells Umar and Ishaan that Nishant is trying to play a game but we will choose Shamita only.

Nishant asks Donal what’s her choice? Donal says I haven’t told you about my vote. Nishant says I have proved myself to be a better captain. Think about it. Donal says I will think about it.

Tejasswi tells Afsana that Nishant is nice but Shamita mingles with everyone. Afsana says but it’s about an efficient captaincy.

9:30 PM
The wolf sound plays, Donal goes and takes Nishant’s chicken. She feeds it to the wolf.

9:45 PM
Karan and others call Shamita. Jay tells Shamita that we are from the jungle so we will stay here, we won’t do work of the house. What is your thinking? Shamita says I don’t want you all to work for the house. That’s my bonus for you all. Jay says great.

Nishant tells Pratik that they are scared of us. Pratik says we can spice up the game. Pratik comes to the jungle inmates and says you can spice up the show by making me the captain. Everyone will be shocked to see this twist. All laugh. Vishal says people would spit on our faces if we do that. Pratik laughs and leaves.
Nishant tells Pratik that I am irritated with Karan. They all try to sweetly talk to me but then they will nominate us. Vishal calls Pratik and asks if we make you the captain then will you allow us to make the map? Pratik says I will allow you all to make it, I just want the captaincy.

10 PM
The wolf sound plays. Pratik says thank you for choosing me. Umar says but at least see our decision. Sahil goes and takes Nishant’s chicken, he feeds it to the wolf so Nishant is out of the task. Pratik hugs Karan.

10:15 PM
Tejasswi is cleaning the kitchen slab. Donal says if you want to clean it then I will cook later on. Tejasswi says I was just cleaning the stove so if you want to cook then I can do it later on. Donal says no, you can clean it now, just tell me the next time so I can cook beforehand, she leaves. Simba tells Tejasswi that she is too much. Tejasswi says she acts like she knows everything. Donal comes back and says I heard that. You can tell me on my face. You told me that I am just interested in eating food and not interested in making food? Simba says I promise to my mom that Tejasswi didn’t say that. Donal says she taunted me as soon as I started leaving. Simba tells Donal I wouldn’t lie, she was not taunting you. Donal says I am not stupid here. She called me egoistic before. Tejasswi says I didn’t say that, I will ask Salman to replay it.

10:30 PM
The wolf sound plays, Ishaan goes and takes Pratik’s chicken. He feeds it to the wolf and says Pratik deserves this only as he is a mosquito.

Bigg Boss tells everyone that Shamita becomes the first captain of the season. All clap for her. Bigg Boss says she will handle the house and jungle both. Tejasswi hugs Shamita. Shamita thanks, everyone.

Nishant asks Pratik why did you promise them he would allow them to make the map? You will change your side when it comes to you?

10:45 PM
Pratik jokes with Umar that Shamita was on our side only, she was fooling you all by fighting with me and Nishant. Shamita says we are not on OTT now. You can’t manipulate people. Pratik says Shamita is a great actress, everyone is convinced that we are fighting. Shamita says you keep living a lalaland. Pratik says this game is like chess.

11:45 PM
Karan asks Nishant if he is upset? Nishant says you talk about unity. Pratik leaves. Nishant tells Karan that if you do this with me then I wouldn’t be able to support you. Karan says everybody loves you but you are always with Pratik, you are always supporting him. Shamita has shown solidarity with us so how can we ignore it? You are taking a stand for Pratik as it’s important for your house but we are doing what’s important for our house. Don’t worry if Shamita is the captain, we are still living in the jungle and she won’t do much for us but we are happy that she showed solidarity with us so we valued it. I am telling you that we tried to make you the captain but the majority agreed on Shamita’s name.

1:15 AM
Miesha and Ishaan are in the house kitchen. Jay and Vishal come there. Miesha says I am making tea. Vishal says let’s just steal if we are here. Jay steals bread and eats it. Vishal gives bread pieces to Miesha. Karan comes there too.

2 AM
Ishaan and Miesha are hugging each other. Simba and Akasa see them. Akasa tells Simba that she is my friend but I don’t understand what’s going on. Simba says I have done some reality shows and I have met girls there. There are genuine girls but girls on the reality shows have no passion in life, they are always running behind boys. When I was doing reality shows, I thought all girls think about just boys, they have no identity of their own. I feel Miesha is in the same category, her life revolves around boys. Akasa says I felt earlier they were just enjoying the show but I feel like Ishaan is genuinely interested in her. Ishaan is very sweet. Simba says he is a good buy but he doesn’t know how girls from reality shows think. These reality show girls just think about boys and giving content. How can they be this close in a week? Akasa says they started talking 3 days back only.

Afsana tells Shamita that I will wake up when the alarm plays only. You all talk in English, if that is fine then I can break rules too.
The episode ends.

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