Bigg Boss 15 29th December 2021 Telly Written Update -

Bigg Boss 15 29th December 2021 Telly Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 29th  December 2021 Telly Written Update, Read Online Bigg Boss 15 29th December 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Colors Tv. Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update, While the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants- Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have stayed together for the sake of the game. Despite not agreeing on several issues,From stealing pieces of map to destroying Bigg Boss’ property, Pratik has remained in headlines for his antics.

Bigg Boss 15 29th December 2021 Telly Written Update

Day 82
3:15 PM
Tejasswi brings food for Karan and asks him to not do this. Karan says don’t bother me. Tejasswi says you just want to be alone when I come to you. She offers him food but he says just leave it here. Tejasswi says just eat a little bit and I will leave. She sits beside him. Umar brings tea for him and he takes it. Umar leaves. Tejasswi says I won’t eat if you don’t eat. Karan says don’t do this drama. Tejasswi says I won’t eat for real. Karan says your care will be seen on the camera, you are playing a daily soap character here. You cry in Devo’s arms, jumps in the pool like a sad girl and whatnot. I can see it clearly now. Tejasswi says are you serious now? Karan says a task is bigger than me? Rakhi was lying but you took her side. Do you think I will mind if you win the task? Tejasswi says if Devo is supporting me then what’s your issue. Karan says I am leaving. Tejasswi says you can’t keep walking off. Tejasswi says can we talk? Do you think I am doing drama for the cameras? She cries and says don’t do this. Karan says don’t do all this. Tejasswi says you think my feelings are not real? Karan says if I don’t eat then it doesn’t concern you. Tejasswi says you think I brought food for you for the cameras and not because I care for you? Karan says you have Devo and Pratik’s support so don’t worry. I was taking a stand for my people. Tejasswi says if I am standing up for my people then how am I wrong? Karan says you called me a liar, you went against me. Tejasswi says I apologized for that. Karan says you were taking Rakhi’s side against me. Tejasswi says I just asked why you have an issue if Devo is supporting me. Karan says just leave it, everything is finished between us. Tejasswi tells Karan that he doesn’t have to eat the food she brought, it’s fine. Karan leaves the food in the kitchen and goes away. Tejasswi eats it without him.

4 PM
Devo tells Rakhi that we don’t have to be great and be fair to everyone. You can just act like you didn’t see so you can take a decision on your hunch.

Nishant tells Karan that I will hold Devo in the task to see how they play. Karan says just be careful. Shamita says keep a girl also, ask Rashami to stop Devo.

Tejasswi tells Rakhi that Karan is hurt because I called him a liar. Rakhi says you came here to play for yourself, think about your trophy, you can do all this love stuff outside. Tejasswi says I was thinking to ask Devo to play for Abhijeet instead of me. She leaves. Rakhi tells Shamita that Tejasswi doesn’t want to win the task. I feel sad for her.

Devo tells Tejasswi that I will eliminate Karan from the first then we will see if we choose you or Abhijeet. We will also see if Nishant and Umar will support you then. Tejasswi cries and says Karan is saying everything is finished between them. Devo says really? I will not spare him now. Tejasswi says don’t do anything. Devo says I won’t stop now, is he a kid? He is ending all this for a task? Tejasswi says just leave it.

4:15 PM
Shamita tells Karan and Nishant that Tejasswi asked Rakhi to make Abhijeet the winner in the task. Karan says why didn’t she say it before? We had a fight but she wanted to win. Shamita says maybe you are reading too much. Karan says now I am seeing things with clarity. Why is she saying all that now? Nishant says you can think about your personal issues after the task.

Devo tells Rakhi that what kind of love Karan has for Tejasswi when he doesn’t trust her? Karan wants to be a hero in everyone’s books and make Tejasswi a villain here.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that today’s time of the task is starting. The buzzer play for the next round.

5 PM
Karan sees Devo-Tejasswi talking and tells Rashami that see their love. Rashami says leave them alone. Karan says I don’t like double standards. Rashami asks him to calm down, stop it for now. Just let go now. Karan says Tejasswi is showing concern to Pratik today, a few days she was alleging him for not respecting women. Now he is her good friend? Anyway.

5:15 PM
Pratik and Nishant are holding the fire pit. Rakhi asks them to move away. Pratik says I am not breaking any rule, I will stay here. Nishant says he is blabbering uselessly. Pratik asks him to shut up, you are not a friend. Nishant says you are selfish, you use and throw people.

5:30 PM
The buzzer plays and they all run to get the egg. Umar takes it and gives it to Nishant. Then Shamita takes it. Devo and Pratik are guarding the firepit. Umar tries to push Devo away from there. Rakhi says Umar is standing behind her, it doesn’t look nice on the camera. Rashami says don’t say all that. Karan says Rakhi just spits filth. The fire siren plays. Umar and Nishant try to push Devo away from the firepit. Shamita puts the egg in the firepit. Rakhi says I know whose hand touched the egg.

Bigg Boss asks Rakhi who put the egg in the pit? Rakhi says Shamit had put the egg in but Devo touched it so she won this round. Nishant says she is lying. Rakhi says I saw Devo’s hand so she won. Rashami shouts that you are acting like a puppet. Shamita asks Rakhi to not be controlled by Devo. I had put the egg in the firepit. Shamita says don’t be a puppet for Devo. Rakhi says Devo won this round. Rashami says don’t be her puppet. Rakhi says I am not wrong. Nishant says I can’t play when they are cheating this much. Rakhi says you all are fools. Shamita says you are a cheater. Rakhi asks her to get lost. Shamita says don’t charge at me. Shamita pushes her away and says don’t touch me. Nishant pulls Shamita back and asks her to calm down. Karan asks her to not do anything wrong. Shamita says Rakhi is just a puppet. Pratik says I am not supporting Rakhi. Shamita says you are being useless. Pratik asks Rakhi to be fair. Shamita says Rakhi’s mind is filled with filth. Nishant says people would stop loving you. Shamita asks her to get lost, I am not playing this anymore. Devo tells Shamita that you would never believe me so it’s fine. Rakhi says Shamita pushed me but I didn’t react. Shamita says to Pratik that you are manipulating them. Pratik says don’t be stupid. Shamita tells Abhijeet that Pratik will use you and then throw you away. Pratik says she is cheap. Shamita says I don’t change friends like you do. Rashami tells Tejasswi that Shamita had put the egg in so she won. Karan says she didn’t even listen to me so she can’t be fair now. Tejasswi says I didn’t see what happened there. Why are you taunting me? Karan says you should be angry with Rakhi and not us. Tejasswi tells Rashami that Shamita had put the egg in the pit but I don’t know if Devo touched it or not. Karan asks Rakhi who had put the egg in? Rakhi says Shamita did but Devo touched it.

6:15 PM
Shamita cries because of her shoulder pain. Rashami consoles her.

Pratik tells Rakhi that I can’t support unfair play. Tejasswi asks why was Rashami taking my photo? Devo says I took it because she was trying to destroy it. Rashami tells Tejasswi that I just took it because everyone was taking photos. Rakhi cries and says Shamita pushed me but no one said anything. Tejasswi tells Shamita that Rakhi has implants so you pushed her there. Shamita says she is acting right now. Tejasswi says if you touched her b*obs then just say sorry. Pratik asks Shamita to say sorry because it was violent. Shamita says you don’t talk about violence. Rakhi cries and tells Tejasswi that she hit me on my b*obs, I am promising on my mother. Tejasswi asks Shamita to say sorry to her. Shamita says don’t irritate me, I touched her shoulders and pushed her away. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t push anyone. Karan says Rakhi is saying the truth but not us? She can promise on her mother for anything.

6:30 PM
Karan asks Rakhi to play fairly. Rakhi says I saw Devo touching the egg in last so she won the task. Karan says Shamita was one to put the egg in the pit. He tells Devo that you all are cheaters, your identity is about cheating. Tejasswi says what do you mean all of us are cheaters? Karan asks why are you not telling Rakhi to be fair? Tejasswi says you keep taunting me, you are against me right now which shows you never loved me. Karan says you keep defending them. Devo tells Tejasswi that you don’t need to go to him. We are playing fairly. Tejasswi tells Karan that you think I am playing unfairly then I will leave it. Devo shouts why are you answering him? We are playing for you but you keep running to Karan. Tejasswi says I am sorry but he keeps taunting me.

6:45 PM
Karan tells Nishant that I don’t want to be here, I am tired. Nishant says you never came here for love, you finish your job here and then leave. Karan cries and says there are a lot of other jobs, I don’t care about the task, what is Tejasswi doing? Nishant consoles him and says don’t give up. Karan tells Nishant I have changed a lot, I have lost you also. Nishant says you haven’t.

Tejasswi cries and tells Umar that he is saying to end everything between us. He keeps taunting me.

Nishant is talking to Karan. Karan cries. Rashami takes Karan from there. Shamita comes there and hugs Nishant. They both cry.
Rashami tells Karan to not drag his relationship into the task. Karan says I didn’t but she said that I am doing all this because I never loved her. Rashami says you need to talk to her. Karan cries and says this happens with me every time. Rashami says you can’t behave like a child.

7 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we gave you so many chances to get a ticket to the finale but you people are playing against Bigg Boss. You get all the tasks rejected. There is no photo on the board right now so we are rejecting this task also. We will give you another chance but you will find a way to get it rejected. Nobody is winning the ticket this week also. Rakhi cries and tells Tejasswi it’s not my fault. Umar shouts Devo that this will happen every week, we won’t let you rule this place. Devo says you people took the photos, you got the task rejected. Umar says we won’t let you cheat like that.

8:15 PM
Umar tells Abhijeet that if Devo was a guy then she would have torn the whole house. She has so much power but she is fake. Rakhi says you people couldn’t do much. Umar says I don’t want to malign my name. He tells Rakhi that I will play every task to make sure you people don’t win the ticket.

8:30 PM
Shamita talks to Nishant. Nishant tells her that I know Pratik uses people and throw them away. Shamita says he has done it with others. Nishant says I am nobody to comment on his relationships. Shamita says you have supported him unconditionally. Nishant says was I wrong to expect support from him? Shamita says no, you are not wrong. Nishant says I didn’t mind him playing for someone else but he was supporting Rakhi just because she has power? am I wrong about him? Shamita says I don’t know understand this Pratik since these VIPs entered. He is not real. Our relationships are breaking.

10 PM
Nishant asks Tejasswi why did she tell Karan that he never loved her? Tejasswi says he kept taunting me that I am playing a game against him. Nishant says I think you both shouldn’t bring your relationship in the game. You both were happy and I think he loves you a lot. Tejasswi says Karan is not alone, he has people. I take food for him and then he say that I am doing all this for the camera. Nishant says I just didn’t like to see him cry. Tejasswi says he kept taunting me that I am showing concern for the cameras. I will be myself now, I will enjoy my last 3 weeks here. He doesn’t want to talk to me so I can’t do much.

10:15 PM
Rakhi tells Tejasswi that I had b*obs surgery so they can shift if we touch them. Tejasswi says why did you get it done? Rakhi says I had to sacrifice a lot to work in the industry. Tejasswi says you are right. Rakhi weeps and says I can’t even sleep without feeling pain.

1:30 AM
Tejasswi and Karan lie in the bed. Karan asks if she will talk or not? Tejasswi just stares at him. Karan says I didn’t eat anything since yesterday. I had my last meal with you only. Tejasswi slaps his hand. Umar comes there and laughs. Tejasswi slaps his hand again. Umar laughs. Karan holds Tejasswi’s hand. Tejasswi tends to his hand that she hit. Karan asks if she hates him? She says no. Karan says even after all this? You don’t hate me even a little bit? She says no. Karan asks if they can sort it? Tejasswi says no. Karan asks if he gifts her a chocolate brownie then? I will iron all your clothes till the end of the season. Tejasswi says just till the season end? Karan says I will do it after the show also. Tejasswi asks why did you let go before? Karan says you would have slapped me. Karan hugs her.

2:45 AM
Rashami tells Umar that Karan-Tejasswi has a strong tuning, they show they are fighting but they are one unite. They play separately in the tasks but then get back together. Umar says they never fought this much in the task. Rashami says Tejasswi wants to play from all sides. Umar says she is smart. Rashami says she is not. She is half smart. Karan and Tejasswi will remain together so you have to think about yourself. You are getting controlled and you are not realizing it. Umar says don’t say that.
Karan tells Tejasswi that you are my appetite, I didn’t want to eat anything without you. I couldn’t eat without you. When you brought the food then I got hungry. Karan warms up the food.

Umar tells Rashami that the audience can see what I am doing, I am not being controlled by him. Rashami says I was not talking about Karan, I think you are getting controlled by Tejasswi, she keeps questioning you. Umar says what are you talking about? Rashami says if you don’t want to listen to me then it’s fine. I am just telling you that they play the tasks separately and then get back together. Umar says so what can I do about them? Rashami says you are being difficult right now.

Day 83
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song. They all dance. They see the house decorated for Christmas.

9 AM
Rashami tells Umar that you talk to me rudely. Umar says you are passing judgment on me so I would get angry. Rashami says I was talking to you alone but you keep insulting me.

Rakhi tells Devo that I am possessive about my friends so I don’t like you giving time to others. Abhijeet says she is a ******. Devo asks him to shut up and throws water at him. Abhijeet says I will take revenge.

Karan tells Tejasswi how can you support Rakhi against me? Tejasswi tells Karan that you don’t know me if you are passing statements like this.

The episode ends.

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