Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Telly Written Update -

Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Telly Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Telly Written Update, Read Online Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Colors Tv. Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update, While the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants- Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have stayed together for the sake of the game. Despite not agreeing on several issues,From stealing pieces of map to destroying Bigg Boss’ property, Pratik has remained in headlines for his antics.

Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Telly Written Update


Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says let’s connect the call to the house. He greets the inmates and says you sacrificed 50 lacs to enter the house so who should I talk to first? I will ask Nishant. Salman tells Nishant that you were under pressure this week, you were great as a captain. Nishant says thank you. Salman says why others were charging at you? You just took 8 names for the nominations but it was their decision to save themselves which they didn’t use their option. Nishant says you are right, I think Afsana played well. Salman says Afsana was great in the task, it’s good to be selfish in those moments. Salman says I want to tell Pratik that he played well. Salman asks Pratik what he thinks? Pratik says I always dreamed of you praising me. Salman tells Pratik that Karan tackled you on the ground out of nowhere but you played well, you were clear with your thoughts.

Salman tells the inmates that we will talk about issues. He shows the clip of Donal-Vidhi getting eliminated. Salman asks Pratik when Bigg Boss asked to give 2 names, you were clear about it but other inmates were looking for reasons. Jay-Karan took names and all others followed them. Salman says you people wanted to take other names. Can you tell me whose name was it? And why didn’t you take it before? Karan says I thought about Simba’s name also but I knew everyone would agree with Donal-Vidhi’s names so I just went with it. Salman asks where is Simba? Simba is in the washroom area so Umar calls him. Simba says I am sorry, I have a bad stomach ache. Salman asks Shamita whose name she wanted to take? She says Umar. Salman asks why? Shamita says Umar becomes very aggressive in the tasks. Vishal says I just wanted to take Vidhi-Donal’s names only. Salman asks who would be 3rd for you? Vishal says I would have taken Simba’s name. Salman says we know whose name you wanted to take so you can clearly tell us otherwise I will tell others. Vishal says I don’t remember at all. Salman asks Shamita if she remembers? She says I don’t know. Vishal says I might have taken Akasa’s name. Salman says yes. He asks Miesha. She says I would have taken Simba’s name on 3rd position. Salman jokes everyone is talking about Simba. Simba says I have given my 100% but I am like this only. Salman says you are doing well but just increase the level a little bit. Salman tells everyone that this show is about making relationships, one girl made relationships with everyone here and her name is Vidhi, you all called her sister and whatnot but then said that she gave no content to the show. Salman says Vidhi made relationships and you people didn’t have a single negative comment against her but then you eliminated her easily. You all knew how difficult it is to make relationships in this house but Vidhi did it. Salman asks Jay who is fake or original here if you people don’t care about relationships at all? You people threw the person out who was genuine.
Salman asks Karan what was he plotting in the elimination task? Karan says I took it as an opportunity to get majority votes against the inmates we wanted to throw out of the house. Bigg Boss stopped me from going ahead with the plan. Salman says it’s fine if it was your strategy. He asks Vishal when Karan was telling you his strategy then you didn’t react at all, you were listening to him but then you went to Shamita and told her everything. Vishal says they could have voted me out of the house. I would have tried to save Shamita if they plotted against her. Salman says you clearly knew that the target for Karan was Shamita. Vishal says yes and I told that to Shamita. Karan says I told it to Shamita also, I would have taken Vishal’s name first to eliminate.
Salman taunts Ishaan-Umar if Karan ever told them that Bigg Boss gave a book to Karan? The book tells the future of the show because you both just follow Karan. I think Ishaan takes tips on romance from Karan also? Ishaan says he is like a brother. Salman says I have a theory, Karan looks like a king-maker right now so he might not become a king in the end? Karan says I don’t think so. Salman says you make others work on your behalf. Shamita says Umar is not looking at what he is doing, he is just following Karan blindly. Umar says Vishal said that he can fool Shamita easily so she is following Vishal. Salman says you people can use your mind. Ishaan says I take Karan as a brother so I take his advice. Salman says you didn’t take any advice about Miesha? Ishaan says I did. Salman says you can keep asking Karan for advice, you can ask him when you brush when to go to the washroom, when to kiss Miesha. Ishaan says it’s not like that. Salman tells Karan that we talked about this topic to tell that Karan is leading Umar-Ishaan but he keeps playing behind their backs, he asks Karan to play on the front foot now. Karan says I understand what you are saying. Salman says I like this game.
Salman tells Pratik that you were not happy when Bigg Boss take any action against Karan when he tackled you but you didn’t give any reaction to Karan when he did that. Why didn’t you react? Pratik says I have seen Karan as an idol, I have learned a lot from Karan, he is my mentor. I respect him a lot, I was nervous to share this show with him but I have realized that I can give my opinions to him openly. I just don’t like the way he does cheap acts. When he tackled me, I was angry at first but then I realized that it was my idol who tackled me so I was hurt. Then Bigg Boss just let Karan off the hook. I was just hurt that’s why I didn’t react at all. Salman asks if Jay or Ishaan had done this then what? Pratik says then I would have given it back to them. When I saw Karan tackling me, I just couldn’t attack him back. Salman says we were surprised when you didn’t react to it, it’s good though. Salman asks Karan why does play tasks like rugby match? You were tackling Pratik like you are a rugby player and then gave an example of that only. How can you play rugby on a concrete floor? Karan says I am feeling bad about my actions. I just didn’t expect Pratik to attack me in the task. I just felt hurt so I reacted that way. Salman says so you both got hurt? Karan says but what I did was totally wrong and I realized that, I apologized to him also. I am trying to make everything fine between us. I will keep saying sorry to him.. he gets emotional and says Pratik affects me. He says when I entered the house, I told Pratik that I am proud of him. He apologizes to Pratik and says thank you for not taking any action against me. Salman says we understand Karan. Pratik goes and hugs Karan. Salman says it shows their deep connection. He asks Umar-Ishaan if they are jealous of their connection? Umar says yes, Karan is crying for Pratik. Salman says Karan is disappointed with his actions but people were defending Karan which is wrong. He tells Jay that we liked when you took a stand against Karan and told him he was wrong. He tells Tejasswi that you were totally wrong when you justified Karan’s actions. Tejasswi says I got scared that Karan would be eliminated so I started panicking. Salman says you are fighting a case for a person who has already accepted his crime.
Salman says we gave a task in which people could use the prize money to enter the house but Jay’s principles were against it. He asks Jay why did he want to protect his image? Jay says I have never played money games in life. He says my dad started stocks broking and he lost everything so this task looked like a gamble to me. I just couldn’t give up a money like that. Salman says but then Bigg Boss tricked you into giving up all the money. Salman says I understand your emotions but this is not a gamble. He says you could have played with Pratik and won the task and then you could have decided to not enter the house. Jay says I just didn’t like Bigg Boss taking money from the prize. Salman asks him to use his mind, he could have won the task with Pratik and let him go in the house but you could have refused to cut your share of money and not enter the house. Salman asks Jay to keep his fear away in this game. This fear will take you down. Jay says okay.

Salman tells the inmates that we will play a task in which we will measure their entertainment quotient. He says we will start with Afsana. Afsana starts singing jhole laal. All cheer for here. Salman asks the inmates to dedicate songs to each other. He asks who is two-faced? Afsana says it’s Jay. Akasa dedicates nayak song to Vishal. Salman says Umar and Simba will go to the Sultani ring. All cheer for them.

Sultani Fight:
Umar and Simba start with a verbal fight. Simba says I deserve to be in the house as I am honest and physically fit, Umar loses his temper and hurts people. Umar says I make friends, I put in efforts but Simba doesn’t do that. He is always sleeping in the house. Salman Sir had to wake Simba up. Simba says I have learned from my mistakes, I am giving my 100% now. I am making friends in the house and I put relationships on top. Umar says we have to be selfish in the tasks, I am a man of my words. Simba says you are not. Umar says I think about my game first. Umar says Simba talks about being physically fit but we have seen girls winning this title. Umar starts screaming. Simba says he lies and promises to his mother, he can never be a man of his words. All cheer for Simba including Simba. Salman asks the inmates to vote. Nobody votes for Umar and they all vote for Simba. In the physical round, they have to tackle the other one on the ground. They both grab each other but Simba wins the first round. They fight again and Simba tackles him easily. Simba wins the 3rd round also. He wins the physical fight. Salman says Simba did a clean sweep. He praises Simba. Umar gives the medal to him and hugs him. Simba says I want to thank my BB family for voting for me. Simba says I want to thank Salman bhai for giving me this chance and for waking me up. Salman laughs and ends the call.

In the House:
Shamita tells Vishal that I don’t like Tejasswi. Vishal says she is totally fake, she will keep changing her sides.
Jay tells Tejasswi that I think Shamita is genuine with Vishal but Vishal seems to fake his friendship with her. He wanted to be on Karan’s side because he is famous. Tejasswi says I would blame the person who is being fooled by Vishal. Shamita isn’t opening her eyes. Vishal tried to fool us but we were clever enough. Karan comes there and I am unable to do it. Jay says don’t say that. Nishant asks him to calm down. Karan gets emotional. Jay says there will be ups and downs. Karan says I had to bear this before also. Jay says just let it go.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says we will play misunderstanding balloons task.
Karan: He bursts Jay’s balloon as he had a misunderstanding about the task. He says Vishal has a misunderstanding that people can’t see through him but we can.
Umar: He bursts Vishal’s balloon and says Vishal wants to take credit for every plan. He bursts Jay’s balloon for taking the task for granted.
Ishaan: He bursts Nishant’s balloon and says he thinks I am not playing for myself but I use my physical strength when needed. He can’t use his mind when I am physically tackling him. He bursts Vishal’s balloon and says he has a misunderstanding that I follow him but that’s not the case.
Miesha: She bursts Pratik’s balloon as he thinks I am against him, I will be there for him as a friend. She bursts Vishal’s balloon as he is always about himself.
Simba: He bursts Afsana’s balloon as she thinks she has the cleanest heart and nobody loves her here. I want to tell her that she doesn’t respect people that’s why she is losing respect. He bursts Nishant’s balloon as he thinks he was the best captain, he was fair pretty much but he does favor his friendships.
Vishal: He bursts Umar’s balloon as I have used intelligence to enter the house, I didn’t cheat anybody. He bursts Jay’s balloon as he has a misunderstanding that I don’t like him, I still take him as a brother.
Shamita: She bursts Umar’s balloon as he called me fake, he thinks he is fair with his thoughts but he doesn’t let people play in the task. He does the same as Pratik in the tasks so he should look at himself before pointing at others. She bursts Tejasswi’s balloon as her reason for calling me fake was so pointless. She said that we got luxury budget items and I changed the rules about sharing so I would make her look bad in front of others. I would never want to make her look like a bad person.
Tejasswi: She bursts Vishal’s balloon as I don’t think we need planning or plotting to move ahead in the show. Vishal has supported me a lot but I don’t like his game. I don’t like his behavior with me. He passes cheap comments on me. Vishal says you joke with me. Tejasswi says but you pass cheap comments on me. She bursts her own balloon as she had a misunderstanding about Vishal.
Jay: He says some people are just playing the game every time, Vishal is too much ‘me and myself’, he bursts his balloon. He bursts Shamita’s balloon as she needs to understand that Vishal is using her. Shamita says what is this? I don’t agree.
Akasa: She bursts Afsana’s balloon as she gets influenced easily. She bursts Vishal’s balloon as he thinks he is always right.
Pratik: He bursts Jay’s balloon as he cares more about money than the show. He bursts Tejasswi’s balloon as she thinks she has a right on kitchen, like she was born to be answerable for groceries.
Afsana: She bursts Akasa’s balloon as she thinks I get influenced easily. She bursts Simba’s balloon as he is wrong about my heart.
Nishant: He bursts Vishal’s balloon and says he is playing a good game but he shouldn’t talk behind the back. He burst Pratik’s balloon as he thinks he knows all the loopholes in the tasks, he should play the normal game.

Salman says Vishal has the most misunderstandings in the house so he is the winner. He laughs.

Salman asks Nishant, Vishal, Afsana and Tejasswi to go to the activity area. He makes Tejasswi sit on the riding bull. Salman asks her questions and if the inmates don’t agree then the bull will throw her. Salman asks who is a furniture piece in the house? Tejasswi says no one. The inmates don’t agree and the bull starts spinning, Tejasswi screams. Salman asks who is egoistic in this house? Tejasswi says no. The inmates don’t agree and the bull spins faster, she falls down. Salman asks in how many films, he was called Prem? Tejasswi thinks and can’t guess it.
Next is Nishant, who rides the bull. Salman asks who is sleeping in the house? He says Simba but the inmates don’t agree so the bull spins. Salman asks who doesn’t deserve to be in the finale? He jokes Karan. They all disagree. Nishant falls down from the bull. All laugh. Salman asks if Jay doesn’t understand the game? Nishant says he does. They all disagree as a joke and the bull keeps spinning.
Next is Afsana on the bull. Salman asks who she can’t trust in the house? Afsana says Karan as a joke. They all disagree and the bull starts riding. Afsana screams for her mother and falls down. They all laugh. Salman asks who says the rubbish things in the house? Afsana says Nishant. They all disagree. The bull rides again and she falls down.
Vishal rides the bull next. Salman asks who is the most manipulative? He says me only. They all disagree. Salman asks who has the weakest game in the house? Vishal jokes that it’s Karan. They all disagree and the bull starts spinning.

Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for the elimination. He says there will be no elimination this week. They all cheer up. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Jay tells Shamita that you are genuine with Vishal but he is not. He keeps saying that he can fool you easily, he can sway you. Shamita says his way of talking is bad but he doesn’t have malice in his heart. Jay says we were good friends with Vishal but he doesn’t respect others. He is always planning or plotting something.

Manish Paul enters the house. The inmates cheer for him. Manish asks Vishal how is he? He greets everyone and says if Miesha and Ishaan can’t see the cameras in the house? Jay says no, they do everything for Voot only. All laugh. Manish asks where is Simba? He tells Simba that they can cast you for Mr. India 2. All laugh. Simba says I don’t like fake fights. Manish asks Nishant to create hook steps for everyone. He asks for Karan. Nishant does a tackling step for Karan. He makes a classy hook step for Shamita. All laugh. Manish says I will show you photos and you have to tell me what’s going on. He shows a black and white photo of Vishal-Tejasswi-Jay. The next photo is of Pratik hitting Nishant’s bum. Nishant says they all are crazy about my bum. All laugh. The next photo is about Tejasswi mimicking Vishal’s morning speech. The next photo is of Ishaan-Miesha hugging each other in the blanket. Miesha blushes. Ishaan says nice picture. Manish shows Ishaan-Umar-Karan’s photo and asks them to dance. They start dancing on yeh jawani. Umar-Ishaan nicely dance while Karan looks on.
Manish says to the inmates that I will ask you to give spice titles to each other. he gives ‘jealous spice’ to Jay and asks who should have it? Jay says I think Vishal is a ‘jealous spice’ as he doesn’t like others being praised. He didn’t like Farah rating Karan and Tejasswi above him. Vishal eats the spice.
Manish calls Akasa and asks her to give ‘insecurity spice’ to someone. Akasa says Afsana likes to be a center of attention so she doesn’t like it if others are being entertaining.
Manish calls Shamita and asks who is a cheater spice? Shamita says I didn’t expect Nishant to nominate me. She gives the spice to Nishant.
Manish calls Karan and asks who is dominating spice? Karan laughs and says I want to give it to Miesha.
Manish calls Vishal and asks who is overconfident spice? Vishal says I can never be jealous of others. I want to give it to Jay but it would look like revenge so I will give it to Karan. He makes him eat it.
Manish calls Nishant and asks who is misbehavior spice? Nishant gives it to Umar and says he has a good thought process but he loses patience and misbehaves with others.
Manish calls Afsana and asks who is an egoistic spice? She says I will eat it myself.
Manish calls Tejasswi and asks who is the boring spice? Tejasswi says I don’t talk to Simba much so she gives it to him. Simba says I was waiting for it.
Manish asks Simba who is greedy spice? Simba gives it to Afsana and Jay. He says Jay didn’t see the game from Pratik’s point. He says Afsana is very greedy about food. Afsana says I don’t snatch food from others. Miesha asks her to take it in a positive light. Simba gives the spice to Pratik as he is greedy about tasks.
Manish asks Pratik who deserves lying spice? Pratik gives it to Miesha and says she has twisted my words, she was lying. He gives one spice to Karan and says I feel like we don’t have a bonding anymore. He gives the spice to Jay as he talked about not giving 5 lacs and then ended up giving 25 lacs. Jay says I can’t be selfish like you. They both argue.
Manish asks Umar who is a follower here? Umar says I will give it to Pratik as he used to follow Nishant but that’s not the case anymore.
Manish asks Miesha who is a smart spice? Miesha says I want to give it to Umar.

Manish says we will play compatibility task with Ishaan-Miesha. He asks what’s Miesha’s eye color? They both write correctly. Manish asks who is Ishaan’s favorite in the house except for Miesha? They both write Jay. Manish asks when is Ishaan’s birthday? They both guess it correctly. Manish asks how many times Ishaan says ‘I love you’ to Miesha? They write many times. Manish asks what’s Ishaan’s habit that Miesha doesn’t like? Ishaan says she doesn’t when I don’t give her time. Miesha says he is grumpy in the morning. Manish asks Miesha to propose to him romantically. Miesha sits on her knees and says you have become my favorite person. I will love your family as my own. I love you more than you will ever love me. Ishaan hugs her and says love you. Ishaan-Miesha win a hamper for the inmates. Manish wishes them and leaves the house.

Salman signs off from the episode.

The episode ends.

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