Bigg Boss 15 22nd October 2021 Telly Written Update -

Bigg Boss 15 22nd October 2021 Telly Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 22nd October 2021 Telly Written Update, Read Online Bigg Boss 15 22nd October 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Colors Tv. Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update, While the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants- Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have stayed together for the sake of the game. Despite not agreeing on several issues,From stealing pieces of map to destroying Bigg Boss’ property, Pratik has remained in headlines for his antics.

Bigg Boss 15 22nd October 2021 Telly Written Update


Day 20
5 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the ‘ticket to the house’ task will start again, it will be the last round and the ticket price is 10 lacs which would be taken from the prize money. Karan says there aren’t 2 rounds left? Everything is changed now. Umar tells Miesha that let Jay stop Pratik, we can’t let Pratik win. Umar says Nishant will favor Pratik and Akasa. Jay tells Pratik that I am going to make BB points. Pratik says no, I will make it from our team. Jay says you can’t decide that. Pratik says we can’t make it together, I will go. Nishant says don’t put me in a fix, I have to play fair and it’s against the rules to allow 2 inmates to make BB points.

The buzzer plays and the task starts. They all run to get material from the belt but Pratik runs to the washroom and takes the papers he hid there. Pratik doesn’t have a brush. Nishant tells the inmates to put brushes on the table. Ishaan says we earned those so why would I give it to someone else? Shamita brings a brush and gives it to Pratik. She tells Vishal that Umar had hidden it from Pratik so I gave it back. Simba and Akasa start making their BB points. Karan helps Simba. Nishant says Simba’s time of the task has ended. He gives a chance to Pratik but Jay tries to block him. Pratik is trying to make BB points but Jay is holding him back. Nishant asks others to not allow this as Jay might break the machine. I won’t give time to Umar and Ishaan if Pratik doesn’t get a chance to make BB points. Jay grabs Pratik and pulls him away. Nishant says I want Pratik to play so I won’t give a chance to Ishaan and Umar till Pratik gets a chance. Miesha says so why did you allow Simba to play if we can’t play? Nishant says you should stop Jay from doing all this. Ishaan says it’s not our matter if they are fighting. Pratik tries to run away from Jay and they both get physical. Umar takes the BB points from Simba and says I will give them to you if Nishant gives us a chance to play. Simba says don’t do this. Umar says I will give it to you. Simba says I trusted you so don’t do this. Nishant asks Shamita to give chances to others, it’s unfortunate if Pratik’s partner is Jay. Nishant says but he should at least get a chance to play. Akasa asks Umar to give Simba’s BB points back, it’s not fair. Miesha says Nishant is being unfair with us, he is not letting us play. Ishaan asks Nishant if Jay is fighting with Pratik then why are we being punished? Nishant says Jay is taking your time so you should stop him. I am playing fair. Ishaan says you want Simba-Akasa to win. Nishant says it’s not like that. Shamita tells Nishant that you can’t stop the task just because of Pratik, you are not letting others play because Pratik is not able to play? Nishant says I gave a chance to everyone yesterday so Pratik should get a chance to play. Ishaan-Umar should stop Jay so Pratik gets a chance. Jay and Pratik are fighting with each other. Nishant shouts at Pratik to stay away. Shamita asks Nishant to think about it, they will pounce on you. Nishant gives a chance to Umar-Afsana. Simba asks Umar to give their BB points back. Umar says I will give it back soon. Umar gives their BB points back but Akasa says some points are missing. Afsana brings it and gives it to Akasa. Afsana-Umar start making their BB points. Simba checks his BB points and says they are not ours, they changed it. Umar says we don’t have any BB points left. Umar starts making BB points but Simba blocks him. Simba tells Umar that you are cheating with me, this is not fair play. I trusted you. Umar says I gave your BB points back. He gets angry and throws away the brush. It falls near Shamita so he says sorry. Umar says I gave all points back to Simba-Akasa. Simba says we wanted to play fairly. Umar says why didn’t you let me make my BB points. Jay says they have damaged the property so they are all disqualified. Umar says Simba broke the machine. Simba says why did you cheat me? do you not follow your words? Are you not a man of your words? Are you a woman if you can’t follow your words? Miesha asks Simba to not call him a woman like a curse. Pratik tries to make BB points again but Jay tears his papers. Pratik says you are here to do all this? They both argue. Jay asks him to try and show his guts to me. Pratik says I have respect unlike you. You can’t even play a task. Jay says you always cheat on the task. Pratik says you are an idiot.

5:30 PM
Ishaan tells Nishant that you are giving me a chance after they broke the machine? We can’t make BB points now. Nishant says I didn’t do anything, they all broke it. Afsana says Simba is destroying everyone’s task now. Nishant says it’s not my job to stop them. Afsana goes to Simba and pushes him away. Simba says don’t touch me, get lost. Umar says Simba destroyed my task even after I gave his BB points back. Ishaan says this is wrong. Ishaan says Nishant never plays fairly. Nishant says I am trying my best. Pratik says they have broken the machines. Vishal tells the camera that Nishant always plays unfairly. He says I will make love with Tejasswi, he hugs her and she laughs.
Nishant tells Pratik that Simba has some BB points. Pratik says I can make some points using ink in the washroom. Nishant says I can’t accept it. Shamita tells Tejasswi that I feel bad for Pratik. Tejasswi says but he always does this and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine, he doesn’t let anyone play in the tasks so now he is unable to play. Jay says Nishant said he would disqualify everyone if the machines break so I am waiting now. Nishant calls Shamita. Shamita goes to Nishant and says Pratik destroys tasks for everyone so now it’s all coming back to him today. Tejasswi calls Shamita and says you can’t talk to Nishant about the task. Shamita says he called me there. Jay tells Nishant that don’t make me win the task, I won’t allow it. Nishant says I saw the points with Pratik so I will make him win. Jay says don’t pounce on me, don’t make me win. Miesha tells Akasa that Nishant is favoring you. Jay says I didn’t allow Pratik to make any BB point. Nishant says yes but he can get points from others. Tejasswi tells Akasa that Nishant is supporting you so Miesha’s point is valid. Miesha says we have to do something in the task too if Nishant is not allowing us to do anything. Akasa says but it’s not my fault if Nishant is doing all that. Tejasswi says Miesha’s reaction is justified as she is helpless. The gong plays and the task ends.

6 PM
Pratik shows his BB points to Nishant. Jay says these are old points, he can’t accept those. Nishant rejects Pratik’s points. Shamita says thank you. Ishaan shows his points to Nishant. Simba-Akasa show their points. Umar says I took all their points and never gave them back. They are old points. Afsana brings out the points she stole from Simba. Jay says you promised on your fiance that you didn’t have it, how could you lie like that? Afsana says it’s my game if I stole Akasa’s points. Shamita says let’s leave the decision with Nishant. Ishaan says don’t influence him. Jay says Nishant said he would disqualify everyone if the machines break so he has to follow his words now. Jay tells Vishal-Shamita that Afsana is promising on her fiance and then cheating like this. Ishaan tells Shamita to not influence Nishant’s decision. Shamita says I am talking about the rules of the task, don’t say that I am being biased. Akasa says Umar also lied to us. Jay says Afsana is lying on her fiance’s name, this is Afsana Khan. Afsana says just handle your Mahi (his wife), don’t go on my family. Akasa asks Afsana to pray for her fiance as she is lying on his name here.

Nishant tells everyone that I have made a decision. He tells Bigg Boss that the rulebook said they could steal BB points from others so Afsana-Umar are winners for me as they stole the points from Akasa-Simba. Afsana screams and hugs him. Nishant sadly hugs Pratik. Afsana thanks Nishant and says I love you and respect you. Bigg Boss says Afsana-Umar can go in the house also. Umar thanks Nishant. Bigg Boss says the winning prize is 25 lacs now. He says the jungle inmates won’t have a gas supply now. Nishant tells Pratik that Umar played smartly, he stole it from Simba so I had to give it to him. Pratik says you played a fair game, you did a good job. Nishant hugs Akasa and says sorry. Tejasswi says Umar changed the game today. Karan tells Umar that you deserved this, you played with mind. Nishant tells Tejasswi that I don’t like the fact that Pratik didn’t get a chance to play fairly. Tejasswi says why would he? Pratik never played a fair game, he never lets anyone play a fair game so he got his own medicine today.
Simba tells Umar that it’s my mistake to trust you. You didn’t earn this victory. Umar says I know I didn’t earn it. Pratik hugs Umar and says you played a good game, you have earned it.

7 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that you need to change your way of playing. They have a perception that you just destroy the tasks. I know it’s not the case but you have to change the way you play. Ishaan and Shamita call him. Ishaan tells sorry to Shamita for getting angry with her, don’t take it personally. I treat you like a sister. Shamita says okay.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks the housemates if they are happy with Nishant’s judgment in the task? If they think he played well then he will be upgraded to the house also. Tejasswi says I am so happy. Vishal asks Nishant if he will dance? Nishant says why not. Karan says I have some personal demands before voting for him. Nishant says I am not your personal *****. Nishant hugs Pratik. Bigg Boss asks the housemates. They all vote ‘yes’ for Nishant. Nishant enters the house, Tejasswi hugs him and says I am so happy. Shamita hugs him.

8:45 PM
Nishant tells Vishal that Jay is my friend, I tried to make him listen but he must have thought something to play like this. Vishal says I didn’t want to give away money also but we will earn everything here. We are nobody to decide about the prize money, we just have to work hard on the tasks and give our 100%. Jay lost his chance to shine in the task. Nishant says Jay is confident he will play in the next task. Vishal says what if the next task is about money also? He can’t live in the future.

Simba tells Jay that I am going to go against Umar now.

Nishant tells Vishal that I didn’t like the way they were playing together (Ishaan, Miesha, Simba). Vishal says I saw them using brains today. They always play in the group.

9 PM
Bigg Boss tells the jungle inmates that they are provided an induction stove which they can use to make food. Bigg Boss says they have lost all chances to enter the main house now. He asks them to give away the pathway puzzle pieces and put them in the cave. Umar brings the pieces he was hiding. Karan brings out the carpet he made with his team. Nishant says huge respect for this. Shamita says this is great work. Karan puts the carpet on the floor. Tejasswi tells Karan that we stole one piece so you wouldn’t be able to make the complete pathway. Pratik tells the camera that I stole that piece and they are bragging about it now.

9:30 PM
Pratik tells Jay that you don’t value the chances here. Jay says I will not go against the principles. I don’t need any Pratik to enter the house. Pratik says you were being oversmart. You won’t get another chance to go in the house. Jay says it was your karma, you keep finding loopholes in the tasks to destroy others’ games.
Nishant is working in the kitchen and crying. Vishal asks what is wrong with you? Nishant says I hate it. He wipes his tears. Tejasswi asks why are you crying? For Pratik? Vishal says he doesn’t like others hating Pratik.

Day 21
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song twist. They all dance. Nishant does naagin dance. All laugh.

9:15 AM
Nishant tells Jay that I don’t care much about the jungle inmates except you and Pratik. I want you both in the main house. Jay says I will favor Pratik in the next task if I can. Nishant says you can count on me.
Akasa tells Pratik that Nishant will be with you but God forbid if I go then it would be difficult to see you sitting alone in the house. Pratik says I don’t expect anything but I count on you and Nishant only.
Nishant tells Jay that I need my own people in this house. Pratik is my friend because I know he will stand by me. Jay says you can count on me.

Nishant and Tejasswi joke about their fake wedding. Nishant says we will make daal-chawal for these people at our wedding. Karan says I won’t let this wedding happen then. Karan says Pratik will run away with the mandap so they can’t get married. Umar says Jay won’t attend the wedding because it involves money. Nishant says Shamita will check if the wedding food is gluten-free. Tejasswi says Vishal will keep talking to the cameraman. Tejasswi says I want Umar to sing channa meraya in my wedding. Umar laughs.

2 PM
Nishant mimics Vishwa Sundari’s voice and talks to Jay. Jay says I want to hear her voice. Vishwa Sundari starts talking for real and asks Jay to talk to her. Jay screams and says wow. He tells Sundari that I have been missing you. This jungle has become boring, please help the remaining jungle inmates. Please give us another chance to enter the house. Sundari says this jungle is pretty so why do you want to leave? Jay says please give us another chance to enter the house. Tejasswi says you got a chance yesterday but you didn’t take it. Sundari tells Jay that she will talk to Bigg Boss and see what she can do. Jay says I love you Vishwa Sundari.. he asks her to say love you back. She doesn’t.

5:45 PM
Akasa asks if they can give coffee to her? Shamita tells Vishal that you can’t give coffee to them. Vishal tells Shamita that we can share everything with the housemates, they are not jungle inmates anymore.

6:15 PM
Tejasswi asks Karan if he doesn’t trust himself in relationships? Like infidelity? Karan says never, it never happened with me. I mean I have grown up so it’s not the case anymore. If I get a person who is my life partner then why would I cheat on her? Tejasswi says you always talk like you are explaining a task.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to gather around. The jungles inmates will remain in the jungle. The housemates go back to the house. Vishwa Sundari tells the jungle inmates that she talked to Bigg Boss about another chance. She says they can use the remaining 25 lacs prize money to enter the main house or they can leave the show right now as this jungle is going to be locked soon. She says the housemates won’t be part of this decision at all. She says you won’t get another chance to win this 25 lacs back ever in the show. Ishaan says this is about going in the house or leaving the show. Akasa says Sundari said that they won’t get a chance to win this 25 lacs but we will get a chance to win back yesterday’s 25 lacs. She asks Jay to think about it. Ishaan says if we leave the show then we will lose our weekly income also. Jay tells the inmates that I can’t risk 5 people’s dreams because of me. You all want to go in the house so done. Ishaan hugs him and says great. The housemates look on. Karan says Jay couldn’t take down 6 people with him. Tejasswi says wow. Shamita says Jay is such a fool, we lost 50 lacs because of this man. We can earn back the money that used but we won’t get the money that Jay is using. Umar says we could have saved this 25 lacs if Jay had played a fair game yesterday. Shamita tells Karan that Jay was against using the money for the task, he made everyone fight each other. He made Simba and Umar fight because he did not want to give away the 25 lacs but now we have lost all 50 lacs because of Jay. Vishal asks why is Jay accepting this deal now? Tejasswi says Jay is being restless as he is not in the house and we all are here. Shamita says we will earn our money back but Jay made us lose this 25 lacs which we will never get back. Pratik tells Simba that this show is not about winning money but about the title. Vishal tells Umar that Jay was saying that 5 lacs was a lot to give up but now it’s on him so he easily gives up 25 lacs? Bigg Boss showed him that he can’t play his way.

8 PM
Vishwa Sundari asks the jungle inmates what they have decided? Simba says we have mutually decided to use 25 lacs prize money to enter the house. Sundari says great, you all can enter the house now. They all cheer up. Jay hugs Karan and Umar. Jay runs to the bedroom. Miesha says this is unreal.

8:15 PM
Jay asks Nishant why was Shamita angry with him? Nishant says we lost 25 lacs yesterday but we will get a chance to earn it back as that’s an assumption. Jay says my assumption was also that we will get another task that won’t be about money. Jay says we would have lost 30 lacs in the last task also. Karan says but we will get a chance to earn it back. Jay says we were not sure, I assumed we won’t get it back.
Vishal tells Shamita that Jay thought he would enter the house anyway so he didn’t play the task yesterday but now when it was about him leaving the show then he easily used the money.

8:30 PM
Shamita asks Jay what about his principles today? Jay says I am still holding on to them but I couldn’t bring 6 people down with me. Shamita says you got this option because you didn’t play the task well yesterday. Jay says I was trying to save the money. Shamita says you have spent 25 lacs, you were the only one to try to destroy the task. You started fighting with Pratik and they all fought because of it. Jay says you can’t blame me for Umar or others’ fights. Shamita says I won’t argue with you, let’s talk tomorrow on weekend.

8:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that Vishal was eating fruits and bragging in front of the jungle inmates. Karan says I don’t think he is happy to see all inside the house. Tejasswi says his ego is hurt that Farah kept you and I on the 1st and 2nd position. Tejasswi says Vishal wanted to act great by saying he will share luxury budget items with the housemates so he could make me look like a villain who isn’t sharing food with anyone. Now I will make everyone eat that luxury budget and show how great I am.

9 PM
Pratik tells Nishant that Jay said he can’t take 6 people’s dreams. Nishant says but he could destroy your dream? Others should have stopped Jay yesterday. Pratik says why would they stop him? You think Jay was unfair to me but others don’t think that.

9:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Jay that Vishal kept taunting me about my comedy but what’s his humor? It’s all dirty humor. Jay says his jokes are demeaning. Tejasswi says he keeps hugging me and I don’t feel comfortable but I try to take it lightly. It’s not humor. Jay says when Bigg Boss made your pair with Karan, he was not happy about it.

9:45 PM
Miesha asks Tejasswi for coffee. Tejasswi says everyone will get it. She asks Akasa to give it to her. Akasa says I don’t have it. I will ask Jay. Miesha says I don’t need it anymore. I just need candy. Tejasswi asks Akasa to give them coffee. Umar says I will make it for whoever.

10:15 PM
Nishant tells Jay that they will have an opinion about this. Jay says we don’t argue but Shamita was angry with me and threatened me with the weekend’s episode. Nishant says we will see.
Vishal tells Shamita that I don’t find Tejasswi real sometimes. Shamita says she does things for an effect. Tejasswi brings coffee and says we will all share it. Akasa says let’s eat cheese also. Tejasswi says I will bring it, we will eat everything today. Shamita hears that and is stunned. Tejasswi goes to bring cheese. Shamita asks why are they screaming? Tejasswi says they are just happy to be inside. Tejasswi brings cheese for everyone and they all cheer up.

12:30 AM
Ishaan asks Tejasswi if Akasa has some issue? Tejasswi says Akasa didn’t want to share coffee with you all. I kept giving away everything so why wouldn’t allow you people to have coffee? Miesha says Akasa said that Tejasswi isn’t allowing anyone coffee. Tejasswi says it’s not like that, they are making me a villain because they don’t want to share luxury items themselves.

The episode ends.

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