Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Telly Written Update -

Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Telly Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Telly Written Update, Read Online Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Colors Tv. Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update, While the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants- Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have stayed together for the sake of the game. Despite not agreeing on several issues,From stealing pieces of map to destroying Bigg Boss’ property, Pratik has remained in headlines for his antics.

Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Telly Written Update


Day 17
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Ainvayi Ainvayi. They all dance. Vishal tells the camera that we will start another day with passion.

8:30 AM
The alarm as grocery arrives in the storeroom. Tejasswi enters to get it and is excited to see all the stuff. She calls others to see ration. Pratik says this is not a lot. Tejasswi says I am going crazy. Umar and Vidhi take their small grocery box. Akasa tells Tejasswi to not show it to the jungle inmates.

9:45 AM
BigG enters the house. He leaves the letter there. Donal gives him flying kisses so he acts like blushing. Donal laughs. Pratik reads the message that people will reach their destination while others will be jealous.

10:30 AM
Shamita asks Tejasswi why don’t you have a boyfriend? You are so cute. Jay says Tejasswi is just playing games with Nishant and Vishal. Tejasswi says don’t forget my baby Bigg Boss. Nishant asks if she doesn’t love them? Jay says is it a joint account? Nishant says if Priyanka can dance with Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh then why can’t Tejasswi be with Nishant and Vishal? Jay says this is not a movie. Nishant says that’s not right. Jay laughs.

11:30 AM
The buzzer plays and the puzzle pieces arrive in the cave. Jay runs to get it. Ishaan grabs him. Jay throws it towards Vishal. Vishal but Ishaan grabs him. Akasa hides it from them. The housemates cheer for Jay. Vidhi and Simba run away with some remaining puzzle pieces. Karan pours water on Akasa so she can give up the pieces. All are grabbing Jay and Akasa. Vishal tells Simba that they shouldn’t have let Jay take it. Jay asks Vishal to at least try to stop them. Karan goes into the kitchen to get some items. Jay shouts at Shamita to come and protect them. Shamita says I won’t. Pratik, Jay and Akasa are fighting with Donal, Miesha and Umar. Miesha says Pratik has been pushing me and puts his elbow on my ****. Pratik says I did not. Umar tries to pull it from Akasa. Tejasswi says don’t pull us so hard. Miesha is trying to pull Nishant away. Simba pulls it from Jay and tries to run away. Jay grabs him. Vishal asks Jay to leave it. This is not different from before, we don’t have to fight like this. Ishaan takes the pieces from Jay and gives them to Afsana but they all pounce on Afsana. Vishal says there is no point in doing all this. Leave it now. Umar pulls Nishant away from Vidhi. Umar shouts at Tejasswi to not target him. You keep pushing me. Karan asks him to calm down. Umar tells Vishal that you don’t need this, stop all this. Karan takes it from Pratik and gives it to Simba. Simba goes and hides in the washroom. Simba argues with Vidhi. Vidhi tells Karan that he is not giving it to girls, he wants to be a hero. Simba says it’s not like that.
Jay tells Akasa that I am not a fool to fight alone. Vishal can’t stand away and say that he will use his mind only? We are fighting like crazy while he is just standing away? Tejasswi tells Jay that he did good work. Vishal says we will get hurt like this. Tejasswi says so we are not going to snatch it? Vishal says we just need to hide one piece and give all other pieces to them. Jay says I didn’t take all pieces, I just wanted to take one piece and run away. Pratik says they all charged at us. Akasa says we need to decide if we are going to fight together or not? It can’t be like some people are fighting and some are not. Vishal says we have to use our minds also. Tejasswi tells Vishal that you are very strong but you didn’t fight at all, why should we fight when you are standing away? Vishal says I tried my best. Akasa says you could have just stopped Umar, you could at least block them when we were fighting them. Vishal says it was a deadlock. Jay says but we were all fighting, you were doing nothing there. Tejasswi tells Vishal that he doesn’t need to do it if he doesn’t want to but then no one will fight.

12:15 PM
Jay tells the inmates that we will hide the pieces in the slingbag next time and throw it out of the house. Tejasswi says but they don’t let us get the pieces. Akasa says we were able to hold it today. Tejasswi says we need to get 2-3 pieces so we can give away some and just take one away from them.

12:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Shamita’s time as a captain has ended. It’s time for the new captain but first, they all need to choose 3 contenders. Only housemates will run to become the captain. Shamita, Vishal, Nishant, Pratik, Jay, Tejasswi and Akasa are eligible to become the captain. Only housemates will choose 3 contenders with mutual agreement. The jungle inmates say we want Nishant to be the captain. Tejasswi tells the housemates that Nishant and Pratik should be the contenders. Jay says I would love to. Tejasswi says I am okay with Jay. Shamita tells Bigg Boss that we have chosen Pratik, Nishant and Jay as contenders for the captaincy. Bigg Boss says we will inform you about the task.

12:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Nishant that you got 2 chances to be the captain but next time Vishal, Akasa and I should have the chance. Pratik says that’s fine but we will do our tasks fully. Tejasswi says I don’t want useless fights. Pratik says everyone will fight here. Tejasswi says so I shouldn’t have been nice and choose you today? Pratik says I want to say we are all here to fight.
Vishal asks Shamita whom will she support? Shamita says Nishant. My equation with him has changed here. I know Pratik and he plays a selfish game, he can flip anytime for his game. Vishal says the same with Jay, he can cheat his friends for the game. Vishal says but Karan won’t cheat his friends.

Tejassi tells Vishal that Pratik-Nishant don’t have decency like us. Jay asks Vishal when did you offer Nishant-Pratik captaincy before entering the house? Vishal says I didn’t make any promise like that. Jay says you can’t offer people like that without telling me. Vishal says why would I offer Nishant-Pratik to become captains? Tejasswi asks Jay if you become the captain this time then will he fight next week to become the captain again? Jay says yes. Tejasswi says nice. Tejasswi asks Nishant if I promised you captaincy? Nishant says no. Nishant says Vishal promised Shamita that he will make Nishant-Pratik captain if she lets them in the house.

3:15 PM
Karan reads the captaincy task. The task ‘captaincy’s race’ will be between 3 contenders but the jungle inmates will play an important role. The contenders will have to make charades. They have to convince the jungle inmates to make charades for them and keep it running on the treadmill. At the end of the task, whoever has run the treadmill the most will win the task. Tejasswi will be the referee of the task and decisions will be final. The jungles inmates will use 7 parts to make a charade, once Tejasswi approves it then the inmates will start running on the treadmil. Nishant, Pratik and Jay can’t take part in the task. They have to convince the jungle inmates to work for them. Shamita, Akasa and Vishal won’t help any contender in the task. The jungle inmates have a chance to choose their support.

3:30 PM
Nishant tells Ishaan that if I become a captain then I will be responsible but if I get nomination power then Karan will be my first option and then it will be you.
Miesha hugs Jay and says I really hope that you win. I won’t support Pratik at all but Nishant needs people on his side. I will support him. ,,
Pratik tells Nishant that we can hide Jay’s parts so he can’t make it.
Pratik asks Miesha if she will support him? Miesha says I will.

Karan asks Tejasswi if she will play a fair game? Tejasswi says yes, I don’t care about who becomes the captain.

Nishant steals Jay’s nail from the wheel. He gives it to Afsana to hide it.

Miesha tells Pratik if we win then.. Pratik says I have already promised Karan. I don’t care about Ishaan so I promise to save Ishaan if I win. Miesha says good.

3:45 PM
Ishaan tells Jay that his wheel nail is missing. Jay says someone stole it. He tells Bigg Boss I won’t play if they are doing all this. Nishant says I don’t know, I just have my nails with me. Jay says it’s written to not temper with the charade before the task. Pratik says we can’t touch it but others can. Jay says you people are playing a dirty game. Pratik says we didn’t do it, if someone else is doing it then what can we do? Jay says I will not play the game if this is how you people will play. Karan says Bigg Boss will interfere if they did the wrong thing. Ishaan says it’s clearly written in the task to not touch the charade before the start of the game. Jay comes to Tejasswi and says I can’t play like this.
Afsana tells Shamita that I am hiding Jay’s nails. Nishant laughs and says she is helping me. Jay comes there and says I won’t play like this. Nishant tells Jay that Pratik is playing like he wants to. I am just keeping my nails with me. Simba asks Karan who is he supporting? Karan says anybody. Jay tells Tejasswi that they stole my nail so how will I make the wheel? Karan tells Simba that I am playing from Nishant’s side. Vidhi is playing from Jay’s side. Nishant tells Tejasswi that I am keeping my nails with me to protect it. Tejasswi asks them to give it to her. Pratik says I am just protecting my nails with me. Nishant says if you take responsibility then I will give it to you. He puts his nails back and says if I lose it then it’s your responsibility Tejasswi.

4 PM
The first buzzer plays. All jungle inmates start making the charade. Karan is helping Nishant. Simba, and Miesha are helping Pratik. Tejasswi asks Jay to start making the wheel, you have one screw so start it. Jay says I won’t play like this. Tejasswi says I don’t know who took it. At least try to play the game. Jay says there is no point. Nishant takes help from Afsana and Donal also. They make the charade and Afsana starts running the treadmill. Pratik shows his charade to Tejasswi. Jay takes Pratik’s wheel lock and throws it away. Pratik says don’t do it. Jay throws his nails on the roof. Tejasswi says this is not a joke. Jay says where were you before? You should have protected my charades. Umar tells Jay that he can start making the charade even without nails. Ishaan helps Jay in making his charade but Tejasswi says it’s not complete, you have to get all the tools to make the charade. Jay says Pratik’s charade is also incomplete. Tejasswi says I approved it and then you took away his nails. Jay says you have to stop them now. Vishal tells Shamita that Jay is giving up because he is frustrated. He can still play the game by resetting their treadmills. Shamita tells Jay that he can still the play the game. Jay says let Nishant win. Pratik can’t play the task as he doesn’t have parts. Tejasswi says I approved it then you took away his parts. Jay says but he can’t do the second round like this? Tejasswi says no, he can’t. The buzzer plays and the first round ends. Nishant wins the first round.

4:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Jay that you shouldn’t have thrown Pratik’s nails on the roof. It could have hurt anyone. Jay says you didn’t say anything when my nails were stolen? Tejasswi says I didn’t see anyone stealing it but you are doing all this in front of my house. Jay says I lost the task so I am supporting Nishant now. Tejasswi says but you didn’t have to throw it on the roof like that. Jay tells Tejasswi that Pratik doesn’t have decency, he can’t play a clean game, he always has to cheat. Tejasswi says you have done the same thing. Jay says I will always give it back to him.

Tejasswi tells Jay that you are looking like a sore loser. Jay says not at all, I am not attacking Nishant. I saw Pratik roaming around my charade. I left for a bit and he stole it even before the game started. I am never a sore loser. Tejasswi says you have no proof that Pratik stole it. Miesha says I have to confess that I saw Pratik stealing Jay’s nails. Jay shouts perfect, now who is the sore loser? He cheats all the time. Ishaan says this man can never be the captain? Pratik is always cheating. Jay asks Miesha why didn’t you tell me before? You saw Pratik stealing it but kept quiet.

4:45 PM
Akasa asks Pratik why is it just you the bad guy? I am supporting you but you both were in all this together. Nishant and you stole Jay’s nails, right? But why are they blaming you only? Why is Nishant okay with you being the bad guy? Miesha could have spoken before if she wanted to be on the side of the truth.
Tejasswi tells Jay that if Nishant is winning the task alone then why should I waste my energy? Jay says Nishant will do the task alone.

The 2nd round starts, Nishant’s team starts working on making the charade. Tejasswi tells Jay that you could have taken Pratik’s nails if you didn’t throw them away. Pratik asks Tejasswi if he can make the wheel by lending pieces from Nishant? Tejasswi says no, you have started all this so you can’t ask for favors now. Afsana is running on the treadmill for Nishant and says I want to lose weight before my marriage.

Jay tells Miesha that I was ready to nominate myself for you but you did this with me? I took you as my friend but you never saved me. Miesha says Pratik is a friend of mine, you are like my brother also. Pratik promised to save Ishaan if he wins so I let him steal your nails. Jay says really? Did you trust that guy? I am disappointed in you. He leaves. Simba tells Miesha that I was supporting Pratik because I thought he would play fair but he always cheats. Karan tells Miesha that he has been promising everyone to save them if he wins.
Tejasswi asks Pratik if he can’t compete fairly for once? I thought to play fairly but you didn’t let the task start. Pratik says it was part of the strategy. Jay says it was not allowed. He can’t touch my tools. Tejasswi says but Jay you gave up so soon. Jay says I am not an idiot to play when I don’t have enough pieces of charade. Tejasswi says you could have used Pratik’s tools. Miesha and Simba wanted to support you but you gave up so soon. Jay says I am proven right that Pratik was behind all this. Tejasswi says but you still could have played the game. Afsana tells Nishant that my idea was good. Tejasswi tells Pratik that he should have read the instructions of the game, it’s against the rules. Pratik says I did a mistake but I am suffering also. Tejasswi says this show is suffering because you have made fun of the task. Pratik says don’t blame me for this, I didn’t break anything. Tejasswi says they have spent money to broadcast this task, we can’t even play the task. Pratik says I am sorry for stealing it before the task but you can’t judge me. Tejasswi says you have made it easier for me to judge. The second round ends and Nishant wins it.

5 PM
Pratik asks Nishant if people don’t like me then I can’t help it. I played the task my way. I don’t mind you becoming the captain but only I am getting blamed for this. Nishant says I didn’t steal it. Pratik says you told Afsana to steal it. Nishant says I don’t think so, you stole it.

Tejasswi tells Vishal that Jay was not doing anything in the task. Vishal says Jay was more interested in showing Pratik wrong than winning the task.
Nishant tells Pratik that Miesha promised to support me but then she told me that she wants to support you so I said it’s okay. Then Miesha went against you and said she wants to support Jay only. She acts like a friend to us but then she goes and supports Jay?

The last round starts, Donal starts running on the treadmill for Nishant. Tejasswi tells that Nishant you are my lover so I want you to win. Nishant jokes we will love openly.
Ishaan tells Pratik that people are against Miesha now. Just go and talk to her. Pratik says I will.
Pratik comes to Miesha and asks what is she thinking? Miesha says Jay is like my brother. I have become your friend again. Pratik says I didn’t expect you to confess but when you did, I didn’t get angry on you. I am not saying anything to you.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that if Miesha wanted to support Pratik then she should have done it till the end. She says Pratik always wants to find a loophole in every task, he can never be fair so I don’t want him as a captain.

Akasa asks Pratik if he would have stolen Jay’s nail even if Nishant was not part of the plan? Pratik says I would have done it regardless as that’s how I play.

The last round ends and Nishant wins it. Tejasswi says Nishant becomes the captain. Nishant says I could become a captain in OTT so I feel embarrassed. Tejasswi, Shamita and Jay hug him. Bigg Boss says Nishant is the new captain.

5:45 PM
Jay asks Nishant if he promised Ishaan? Nishant says he came to me but I told him that Karan is my first priority but I can put him in the second position. Jay says I saw Miesha’s real face today. Nishant says Miesha is canceled from my side. She promised me yesterday to support me in the captaincy task but then she did this today. Jay says Shamita and Vishal wanted me to play against you, they asked me to reset your treadmill. Nishant says they all are double-faced. He says I don’t care as long as everything is going well for me.

6 PM
Pratik hugs Jay and says I had to do it in the task. Nishant tells Pratik that Jay knew that I also knew about you stealing his nails. Jay tells Pratik that some things are above captaincy so let’s leave it. Pratik hugs him.

6:30 PM
Nishant asks Shamita if she asked Jay to reset my treadmill? Shamita says no. I was asking Jay to reset Pratik’s machine, not yours. Nishant says I knew you wouldn’t say that for me. He says these people are showing Jay in a different light. I think Vishal is a manipulative person. Nishant says Vishal promised us to make us the captain when he enters the house but he didn’t tell this to Tejasswi and Jay. I know you are good friends with Vishal but just be careful of him. I am telling you as a well-wisher. Vishal is backstabbing his own friends so just be careful.

Simba and Umar are sleeping so the alarm plays. Nishant asks them to wake up, please.

8:45 PM
Nishant tells the camera that we will not break any more rules. I have asked Simba and Umar to apologize also. All boys start doing sit-ups funnily. Karan says we will never do this mistake again. Pratik says Nishant is our leader.

1 AM
Tejasswi talks to Karan and says I have been feeling distant from you. It’s difficult to converse with you. People have become very territorial of you and they don’t let me converse with you. I don’t want to talk to you if it’s like this. We have talked properly since we came here. I thought our vibe would match but it’s not happening. Karan says I am a little shy in life so I take my time but I am extremely fond of you. I didn’t like when you entered the house, I said that I would miss you a lot. We have not spoken much. Tejasswi says we haven’t spoken at all. I have to find time to talk to you. Karan says I won’t be able to talk to you like this with others around me. Tejasswi says when I was upset, you didn’t show care at all. You could have just asked me how am I doing. Karan says I can’t express a lot in life. Tejasswi says I will try to have conversations with you more. Karan says you have given me the right to talk so I will do now.

3:30 AM
Akasa and Pratik come to the garden area. Akasa asks if Vidhi is awake? He says no. Pratik takes the stones that they will use tomorrow to hide the puzzle pieces. Pratik looks around the house and says I don’t think we can throw it out of the house in all that mess. Akasa keeps the stone near the door so they can use it.

The episode ends.

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