Bigg Boss 15 10th October 2021 Telly Written Update -

Bigg Boss 15 10th October 2021 Telly Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 10th October 2021 Telly Written Update, Read Online Bigg Boss 15 10th October 2021 Written Episode. Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Colors Tv. Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update, While the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants- Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal have stayed together for the sake of the game. Despite not agreeing on several issues,From stealing pieces of map to destroying Bigg Boss’ property, Pratik has remained in headlines for his antics.

Bigg Boss 15 10th October 2021 Telly Written Update


Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says let’s welcome Yohani singer. Yohani sings her famous song. Salman claps for her and says it’s an amazing song. He sings with her. Yohani says I have prepared a song for you. She sings Oh oh jane jana, Salman sings with her. Yohani thanks him and leaves.

Salman says we will tell you soon who is going to be eliminated. He connects the call to the house. Salman asks who is most relaxed here? Donal says I have clarified everything so I am relaxed. Salman says we will play a game. We will send 3 people to a thought-process room. Nishant, Umar and Akasa will go there. They go there. Salman says I will ask you questions and you have to take names. The inmates will agree or disagree with you. Salman asks which player doesn’t have the understanding of the game? Nishant takes Simba’s name. Akasa takes Donal’s name. Umar takes Ishaan’s name. The majority agrees with Akasa that Donal doesn’t understand the game. Shamita says I think it’s Afsana, please don’t cry now. Afsana says no problem. Salman says punishment for Umar and Nishant. The air blows in their faces. They laugh. Salman asks who thinks he is a leader but is actually a follower? Nishant says I think it’s Vishal, Akasa says Vishal because Karan is always leading him. Umar takes Jay’s name. The majority doesn’t agree with them. Tejasswi says I think Pratik is a follower. Karan says I agree with Pratik. Jay says Pratik can’t think much. Karan says Pratik follows Nishant. Pratik says they can’t seem to digest that I have brains and brawn both. All laugh at him. Akasa says I felt Shamita is a follower actually. No one agrees except Afsana. The air blows on Nishant. Salman asks who can be unfaithful to his friends? Nishant and Akasa take Jay’s name. Umar takes Afsana’s name as we were making a plan but she told it to Pratik and Nishant. The majority agrees with Umar that Afsana will be unfaithful. Afsana says my heart has truth so no one likes it. Vishal takes me as a sister but he didn’t allow me to go in the task. I told about it to Pratik and Nishant. I think Vishal is a follower. Vishal says Afsana didn’t react when I said to not do the task but then, later on, she went ahead and said to people I was not allowing her to play in the task. Vishal says Umar and Simba told me that they don’t want to go in the task and I said okay but Afsana cheated me by bringing it up later on. Afsana says I didn’t cheat anyone. Salman sprays on Akasa, Nishant and Umar. Salman asks who does the manipulation? Akasa. Nishant says Karan. Umar says Nishant does it. 10 people vote for Nishant. Salman asks Donal? She says I think Karan does it. Only Pratik agrees with him. Salman asks who is the most unhygienic in the house? Umar says Miesha doesn’t take a bath. Miesha says he is lying. Salman says Ishaan doesn’t care. Umar says she didn’t take a bath for 2 days. Miesha says that’s untrue. Akasa says I would like to take my own name. Nishant takes Miesha’s name as she keeps using the same clothes. Ishaan says because she didn’t get her clothes. Salman says you are her lawyer? All laugh. Salman asks how many people think Miesha is unhygienic? Only Donal agrees. Ishaan says Donal is the biggest manipulator. She was crying to Miesha and now taking her name. Salman says manipulation and being unhygienic are different things. Miesha says I have heard a lot about Donal and I should have agreed to it. I am sorry for not listening to Ishaan. Ishaan says Donal is the fakest person. Umar says we were just joking Umar. Salman asks Afsana. She takes Vishal’s name, all laugh. Salman says who is second? Afsana says no one. Salman asks Pratik. Pratik says all jungle inmates are dirty, they don’t clean washrooms. It smells bad. The air sprays on Umar, Akasa and Nishant. Salman ends the call.

In the house:
Ishaan tells Donal that you are the fakest person here. Donal says I am a good player. Miesha says Donal did tit for tat. Donal says it’s not like that. Ishaan says don’t come to me crying again Donal. Donal tells Miesha that I have cried to you, I am not being against you. Miesha says I am seeing your real face now. I took your name so you take my name just because of tit for tat? Donal says 2 other people took your name also. Miesha says I made an effort to dress up unlike you. Donal says you are a manipulator. Jay tells Akasa that we all got nominated because of Pratik but you all don’t care.
Miesha is crying in a corner. Ishaan says it’s a game so don’t take things to heart. Umar took my name also. Miesha says it’s insulting to be called unhygienic.
Karan tells Jay and Akasa that we didn’t know where the map was. I took the mattresses without even telling Jay. He tells Akasa that we are taking initiative.
Donal tells Umar that I had a good bond with Ishaan so how is he talking like this about me? We all are nominated so who is feeling his mind with all this? Miesha has made him crazy.

Afsana tells Nishant that Shamita can’t even talk in Hindi and saying that I don’t know the game. Shamita tells Umar that Afsana kept saying sorry to me and now blabbering against me? She is saying the truth but we are all idiots? Afsana says you can’t even talk in Hindi. Shamita says I will lose it now.
Karan tells Miesha and Ishaan to not be affected by all this. The main issue is to enter the house and not all this. Just disregard all this unhygienic topic. We have to stay together, don’t let these things affect you. Miesha says Umar started it. Karan says why? Simba acts like Miesha is smelling bad. Karan laughs. Miesha says you are all so mean. Karan says I just want to enter the house, I want to drink from a glass. We are drinking water from the glass. We are living like beggars. We are even conscious of using tea. Miesha asks if he can make tea for her? Karan laughs.

Karan tells Tejasswi, Jay, Vishal and Shamita that Afsana says offensive things to others. Tejasswi says she thinks she is bigger than all of us. Karan says I did a song with her and took a lot of money but she has a cheap mindset. We can’t fight her. Tejasswi says you joke around with her so it gives her confidence. We won’t be a family for long. Karan says I don’t like taking care of her but it’s required for now. Tejasswi says she is not playing a game, it’s her personality. Karan says Afsana doesn’t understand the game.

On the Stage:
Salman says to the audience that Khatron Ke Khiladi contestants Arjun Bijlani and Astha Gill released a song. He welcomes them. Arjun and Astha greet him. Salman says your song became a hit, I really liked it. Arjun says it’s a hit for us then. Salman says Astha is giving back-to-back hits these days. Salman congratulates Arjun for winning Khatron Ke Khiladi. He asks if they are planning to enter Bigg Boss? Astha says I haven’t thought about it. Arjun says I was not prepared to be junglee like them but I will try next time. Salman asks Astha to sing her song. Astha sings Sawariya. Salman says it’s a very good song. I hope it becomes more popular. He says the inmates should hear it. You both should go inside. They say sure. Salman says I hope to see Arjun in Bigg Boss soon. He says definitely. Arjun and Astha go into the house.

Salman says Ranveer is shooting for his new Colors show so let’s wish him luck.

Celebrity Panel Discussion:
Salman says we will discuss about the first week with some stars. He welcomes Karan Patel, Arjun Bijlani, Nikki Tamboli and Neha Bhasin. Salman asks Nikki if she is talking these days or not? Nikki says I was waiting for this opportunity so I will talk a lot now. Salman asks them to take their seats on the panel. They all sit down. Salman asks who are they supporting? Nikki says I am supporting Praitk. Neha says Shamita and Pratik till the end. Nishant is looking sleepy right now. Arjun says I think Nishant is playing nicely, I am here to support to Jay and Karan. Karan Patel says I am supporting Jay and Karan Kundra. Salman asks Neha how are three looking? Are they changed? Neha says Shamita is looking changed, people used to say she was playing for Raqesh but right now she is playing for herself. Pratik is looking alone, I was cursed for destroying his game. Right now, Pratik is being bullied. Karan says I don’t agree, he is irritating 13 people. Neha says but 13 people calling him Tommy and whatnot. Nikki says Pratik is running the show. Arjun says I don’t think Karan Kundra and others need Pratik to run the show. Salman says Pratik has gone overboard. Neha says I never liked his aggression. Salman says if he breaks the sets like this then he will never get work outside. It’s just the first week and he was the first one to get aggressive. Karan Patel says Pratik is playing the same game as OTT. Arjun says he can’t break a washroom door when a girl is taking bath? How can you take his side? Neha says it’s not being a girl or boy. I don’t think Pratik knew Vidhi was inside. Salman says he knew that. Arjun says he also said that he doesn’t care about breaking the door. Salman says he also said that he would the same with his mother and sister for the game. Neha says then he is wrong. Karan Patel says he crossed the line. Salman says Pratik wanted to show that he is in the show also as Karan Kundra and Jay are bigger names. He is new and wants to be seen on the camera. Salman says let’s Nikki talk. Nikki says Jay also cursed about Pratik’s mother. Salman says you have cursed a lot in the house too. Arjun says Jay cursed two times but Pratik reacted the second time only? Nikki tells Arjun that you would kill the person who is cursing your mother right? Arjun says Pratik instigates others and that’s his game. Neha says I saw Shamita pushing 4 girls away from her also. Karan Patel says Pratik goes silent when Karan Kundra shouts at him but he fights with Jay? Neha says I like Jay, I think Karan Kundra is the real player. Pratik doesn’t understand things clearly. Nikki says Pratik got the whole house nominated, he knows the game. Karan Patel says why do you sympathize with them? Nikki says Jay wouldn’t even be seen if not for Pratik. Neha says I want Jay and Pratik should be friends. Salman says Jay is a nice guy. Neha says I want Jay and Pratik to fight Karan Kundra. Arjun says there has to be a way to fight. Nikki says Jay shouldn’t curse Pratik’s mother. Arjun says Pratik should break washroom doors. Neha says they are fighting like Bigg Boss inmates. Arjun says I am rehearsing for next season. All laugh. Karan Patel asks Neha if she doesn’t like Karan Kundra? Neha says I don’t like people who play with mind all the time. Pratik plays with heart but he becomes dumb sometimes. Salman says at least she is accepting he was wrong. Nikki says Pratik was alone and playing like a lion. I have a soft corner for Pratik. Arjun says Karan Kundra is playing like a wolf. Nikki says where is Jay? Jay used to tweet that I misbehave when I was in the house so what is Jay doing now? Cursing Pratik’s mother? Nikki says I remember I was alone in my season and only Sidharth used to take my side. I could relate to Pratik as he is very lonely. She gets emotional. Salman says what’s your connection with Pratik? Nikki says I like that he doesn’t disrespect anyone. He did a mistake by breaking the washroom door but he didn’t have bad intentions. Arjun says Jay was not even talking to Pratik but Pratik started instigating Jay for no reason. Nikki says Jay kept body-shaming Pratik by calling him Tommy and short-height. Jay thinks Pratik is inferior to him, does Jay have the guts to taunt a bigger celebrity in the house? Can he taunt Karan Kundra like he taunts Pratik? He can never. Neha says the girls are sleeping in the show. Nikki says the girls are just gossiping about Pratik only. Who are these girls? I don’t even know them. Arjun says people used to say the same about you also, people didn’t know about you. Nikki says but I worked hard in the first week only to get my name up. What are these girls going? Karan Patel says Tejasswi is smart. Neha says Shamita and Tejasswi are good, all other girls are sleeping right now. Arjun says Shamita was trying to make Pratik listen but he wouldn’t listen to her, he can’t even listen to his own team. Nikki says there is no team. Neha says Pratik and Shamita were never friends. Salman asks Karan Patel if Pratik is doing the same as OTT? Karan says yes. Salman says let’s watch it.
The clip from Pratik’s OTT season plays. It shows how Pratik started targeting Divya and then he started targeting Miesha in this season. In OTT, he started fighting with Shamita for leaving her cup. Then in this season, he fought with Jay for leaving his cup. The clip ends.
Neha tells Salman that Pratik has done good things also. Nikki says Pratik has a bright future, he will leave everyone behind. Salman says everyone is talking about Pratik but they are not nice things. Neha says no one talks good about Bigg Boss inmates. Salman says it’s not like that. Neha says I think Pratik should make allies, he looks alone. People are not talking nice things about him. Salman says I didn’t want to talk to Pratik after his acts, I didn’t want to give him importance but I didn’t want him to hurt himself. He broke the glass and could have hurt himself seriously. Salman says what they think about other inmates? Nikki says I don’t understand what they are doing. These girls keep roaming around Pratik to get footage. Karan Patel says Nikki is watching another Bigg Boss. Nikki says what are these girls Malaysia (Miesha) and Alaska (Akasa) doing? I am just enjoying Karan Kundra, Tejasswi and Pratik. Salman says you can go inside. Nikki says no no.. my dates are not available. All laugh. Nikki says I like Karan Kundra’s game. He is making Pratik alone. Arjun says we are not against Pratik. Salman says Pratik has done all this himself. Nikki says if I was inside then I would have stopped Pratik. I would have lessened his aggression. Salman asks Neha who others are noticeable? Neha says I like Karan Kundra, Vishal. Karan Patel says Umar has a clear thought process, he knows what he wants. Salman thanks them for coming. Salman says it’s good to see Nikki Tamboli. He hugs all of them. They all leave.

Elimination Time:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says who will improve their game next week? They all raise their hands. Salman says who will be evicted today if the elimination happens? Who feels they might leave today? Simba, Umar, Sahil and Vidhi raise their hands thinking they might leave. Salman says Vidhi is safe. She says thank you, sir. Salman says SAHIL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Sahil nods and says I am very happy. This is not for me. He asks where is Miesha? Miesha hides and cries. Sahil says you all deserve to be here, I will cheer for you all. Sahil hugs Karan and leaves the house.

On the stage, Salman says Sahil got eliminated. He says I will welcome Nia Sharma and Rahul Vaidya now. They come on the stage. Rahul sings Garba song while Nia dances. Salman says I got Rahul’s message that I should wish him a birthday so I said so? Rahul laughs and says I asked him to wish me but Salman said fine. Rahul says thank you. Salman asks Nia to say something. Nia says Rahul sang the song which we are promoting, Rahul has serious talent while I can’t sing at all. Salman says you have a nice voice. Salman says you both can go inside the house. He hugs them and they go inside.

In the House:
Nia and Rahul enter the house. They stand in the glass box. Shamita runs to Nia and smiles. Nishant dances with Nia. Pratik runs to Nia and gives her a kiss through the glass. Rahul says tonight is the Garba night. Let’s enjoy. They all play Garba while Rahul sings his song. Pratik plays garba with Akasa. Pratik smiles at Miesha. Rahul claps for them. He says all the best. Nia and Rahul leave. Tejasswi tells Vishal that I danced with so much energy like it’s my song.
Jay tells Nishant that I didn’t expect you to take my name, I don’t care about Pratik. Nishant says you are all together. Jay says I am counting you in my best group. Nishant says I know.

Astha enters the house. She sings Sawariya sosng. Akasa is excited to see her. Astha says we will have a party. She tells Akasa that I won’t spare you. She sings naagin song. Nishant and Shamita do naagin dance on the floor. All inmates dance to her song. Akasa, Donal and Shamita dance at the front. Afsana dances with Nishant and Pratik. Astha says let’s twerk. They all twerk and clap for her. Astha wishes them luck and leaves.

In the house, Donal tells Miesha that let’s end it.
Vishal asks Akasa why are you giving so much explanation to Jay? Akasa says I didn’t clarify it before but it’s good he talked to me now.

Bhoomi Trivedi enters the house and says to the inmates that we will have fun. She sings dhol baaje while all inmates dance. Tejasswi and Vishal dance with full energy. Bhoomi wishes them luck and leaves.
Dhvani Bhanushali enters the house. She says hi to Akasa and others. She sings Mehendi song. All dance. Dhvani sings mora siyaan psycho. They all dance. Ishaan dances with Miesha. Akasa says we love you. Dhvani wishes them luck and leaves.
Meet Brothers and Khushboo enter the house. They sing Bigg Boss rap. Meet Brother says you all look so beautiful in this cage. They sing while all dance. Afsana sits in a corner and cries. Pratik and Nishant take her from there. Afsana comes into the bedroom and is weeping. Nishant hugs her. Afsana says I take care of everyone with heart, I don’t care about the game but they are all selfish. Vishal called me a liar and Shamita thinks she is some celebrity? In the garden, Khushboo sings baby doll while all dance to her song. They play Saturday song, all inmates dance with them. Vishal dances with Shamita.

At nighttime, Afsana tells Simba that I miss my boy. Simba says I am with you right now. Afsana says they have hurt me today. I never say anything to anyone but they called me unfaithful. Simba says they thought so because you call Karan and Vishal as brothers but when you get angry, you say things that you shouldn’t say. Afsana says I understand.
Vishal tells Akasa that Afsana hits below the belt, I don’t want to be insulted by her. She always drags me for no reason. Akasa says Afsana can’t be trusted. Vishal says Umar took her name to be unfaithful so she should be angry with Umar but she is getting angry with me? Akasa says she is holding a grudge against you. Vishal says I promise you I won’t go back to her anymore. Akasa says you are not like that. Vishal says I would have melted if it was a fight but she insulted me so I won’t melt in this show for her.

On the stage, Salman says the next week will be about the jungle inmates making a path to the house. He signs off from the episode.
PRECAP – The inmates will nominate each other. Umar and Jay discuss it. Umar says I don’t like Miesha fooling Ishaan. Umar fights with Ishaan and says you are an idiot, that girl is playing a game with you. Afsana tells Vishal that you want to enter other’s fights, I don’t care about winning the show so I am nominating him. Simba says I want to save Vishal, he doesn’t let Afsana nominate Vishal.
Ishaan tells the camera that I love Miesha. Ishaan and Miesha kiss each other. They hug each other and sleep. All inmates tease them. Vidhi says they won’t need two blankets now. Jay says it’s good it’s not a 9 months show otherwise they would have made a family here. All laugh.

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