Bigg Boss 14 Kickstart News You Need To Know

Hellow Guyz and Gallz This Bigg Boss Season 14 is going to be a Totally different way where Candidates are going to be more facilitate ever than before, as forever fans wait over the entire year for the upcoming season but this time due to COVID 19 and lockdown in entire India cause people to think that maybe Bigg Boss 14 will start in 2021, but there is good news that BB 14 Season is being held in September 2020.
This season will be special for contestants who want to stay in touch with the outside world. Additionally, one section will be for shopping, swimming, and Gym.

Bigg Boss 14 House

Bigg Boss 14 House

The news says that the contestants who have traveled to any other country in this year they might not be given a chance in season 14. All selected contestants will be quarantined 3 months before the Bigg Boss 14 starts, Only those who follow all these rules well will be given a place in the house.

Salman Khan As Host of Bigg Boss

Salman As Host Bigg Boss

For the past 11 years, Salman Khan has been hosting this show and this time Season 14 too, The Bigg Boss 13 show was highly acclaimed and loved so much that it became the No. 1 show in India and was a huge success. But this season is going to see a lot of changes. In addition to this many people do not want to come to the show because of the COVID. Also, this time around, there is less chance of a fight between the contestants. All the contestants have to keep a social distance from each other so it is being a cool and shant Season, lets without fights and fun how its will go in viewers’ attractions.

Bigg Boss 14 Rules

Bigg Boss Season 14 Rules

The last seasons have shown that Salman entering the house for Moj Masti with contestants that were appreciated but we don’t think this time fans could see Salman in the House due to Social Distance.
The makers want to finalize the list of Bigg Boss14 contestants as soon as possible, but they are not successful yet. PPLZ and Celebrities had a fear of COVID in their mind and have a lot of concerns.

Bigg Boss Season 14  Participants

13th Season of Bigg Boss had a clear view now that show is more entertained by Celebs rather then Commeners so this time there is less chance that commoners will be part of the show. Bigg Boss13 has broken the record for all shows so far. This is because Bigg Boss makers now want to bring in contestants who can produce more fun.

So That’s it Participants of Bigg Boss 14 List will be Updated Here so as they are Finalized, So stay Updated with us. Give Your Thoughts Below according to the Show.

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