Bigg Boss 14 House Leaked Pics Update

Pictures from the latest installments of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 2020 Season 14 have appeared online. The photos feature colorful jewelry with gems, pink and orange glasses, a large silver bed and much more.

Bigg Boss 14

Ahead of the fourteenth season of Salman Khan’s true show Bigg Boss 14, pictures from the new design of the house have appeared online. Distributed by the internal score on social media, photos show a colorful new neighborhood waiting for new competitors.

The pictures show a small bed frame painted in pink and orange. The lamps that cover the ceiling are decorated with glass beads of rainbow colors. It also has a large curved silver bed for seating. The walls are decorated with mosaic glass art and can be seen as a great cat art.

Each year, the Bigg Boss 2020 building is renovated to allow viewers to adapt. The Bigg Boss 14th season Reality TV Show will be hosted by Salman Khan and will start from October 3rd 2020.

According to a report by Indian Express, there is time for a coronavirus lock. “Every time it closes, some people lose their jobs, whether it’s shopping, eating out or watching movies. As part of the exciting performance, the winners will have the opportunity to enjoy these at the Bigg Boss 14 building. Salman Khan says in the video clips, this is a fitting answer to 2020 ”Said one of the speakers every day.

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